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All the players are gathered around it and mel kiper on there and anchor sportscenter goes no whose stock has been hurt the most at the senior bowl and he just laid into me and it was like this a barrage all over me and said this guy he won't play in the nfl he's proven that coming from the smallest school it's not going to transfer this and that so that kind of win it started the snowball for me in truthfully i don't know if it created a narrative or not but it seems to go from there to the combine to pro day and i don't think that i did anything different right once you're labeled while he's the same guy that put you on the big board exactly so he's got to put you on a big board what he didn't know you were too small school playing at uconn yeah so the thing that i have a problem with it with all these guys is how they influence the the general manager because then the general managers wanna go well if this guy and that guy and that guy think this guy is really good or if they're dropping than i don't wanna be second guessed by the same guy saying i told you not to take them blah blah blah blah blah and when you walked into that room who were the quarterbacks in that room that you looked around and you at them and that guy right there he's going to be a great nfl quarterback.

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