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Had a meeting yesterday and they took a lot of places are reporting it as a vote. But a vote implies some kind of binding decision. It was more of a pole. The Lakers and the Clippers were all for not playing any more games of the rest of the team's wanted to keep playing. Ah, according to reports LeBron James got up and the Lakers and Clippers players all followed him out of the meeting before it was over, But we're going to do the story when it really dive into it at nine o'clock where Wayne, you're going to join me and will accept and we'll explore it a little. Deeper. All right. We've got new details now in the shooting of Jacob Lake in Wisconsin. So we now know that the officer who actually shot Jacob Blake is Rustin Schelsky, and he's been with the department for seven years to other officers have been placed on pated administrative leave. I assume it's paid administrative leave, and the officers say that they were called to a domestic incident. Ah, woman called and said her boyfriend was there at this, I think was a birthday party and he was not supposed Be on the premises. So in the call a dispatcher name's Blake and says he isn't supposed to be there, and the dispatcher later explained she doesn't have more details because the collar was uncooperative. Now. Apparently, the cops are saying no other officer other than chesty fired their weapon, and police say they did give AIDS hospital before Give Blake Aid to Blake before he was flown to the hospital. It's a little it's it's not just as simple as you have a man who was shot in the back seven times by a police officer. There's more to that story the police have. I think One of the biggest part is that they were either told or no knew that he had a knife in the car as he was reaching in, which is going to change the story dramatically. If that is not the story, and it's not gonna be that easy. We talked this morning to Ryan Burrow about this. Not gonna be that easy to prosecute Chesky. It is not a here is it's not. Ah show Vin Derek show Vin situation. There's a lot more to this so We're gonna find out and it could be. The cop is gonna walk certainly on a criminal charge. We'll find out more about that, obviously, is we follow the story. A misunderstanding. Leads to unrest in Minneapolis, know justice..

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