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Click ranger dot com or just stop by this young man had 7 receiving touchdowns in his rookie season for the Green Bay Packers all within a span of four weeks when he became the fantasy darling of so many. He's getting set for year two now and the National Football League. Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers making his first rich eisenhofer. How you doing, Christian? I'm doing great. I'm doing great. How are you doing? I'm doing fine. Wherever I found you, where are you right now in the middle of March of your first full off season here? Where are you? I'm down in, I'm down in Tampa, a train that House of athletes with yo Murphy. It's been treat me well so far. So I'm excited to keep on keep on shopping at Nazis. Okay. And so where were you one year ago at this time, post combine? And were people knocking on your door? Walk me through what a lot of the soon to be rookie receivers in the NFL are going through right now, Christian. Yeah, no, I mean, for me, it was hectic. It was crazy during this time. Obviously you don't get done with the combine. I was doing my 30 visits and I was, I think I ended up doing 8 or 9 of those last year, so I was traveling back to back to back, making sure I could get all those in that little month time span before the draft. So I mean, it's crazy for me. It was hectic. I was probably on a plane right now, headed to a headed to a team to do some interviewing. Nin, did you get a sense that the packers had you on there radar screen? Christian? Did you guys see this? I did. I had a visit with the packers and I thought from the moment I got there and I saw the vibes were good. The conversation went well and everything was going smooth and I could kind of see their interest in me as a player and as a man just going through all the interview process. So I definitely felt that connection there. So you had you had an in person with them in Wisconsin. You had you did. Okay. Who would you meet with when you were there? Everybody, everybody. I mean, the entire coaching staff, the entire special team staff. I met with everybody while I was there. Okay. You met with everybody while you were there. When was the first time you had a face to face with Aaron Rodgers, were you actually saw him and you're in the same room and you were looking to Christian? When was the first time for that? I think he came through a couple of times. He didn't participate in the OTAs, but I think the first time I saw him, he had come through, it was like right before the mandatory mini camp he had came in for a day. He just walked by me and said, he said, what's good in North Dakota state? That was up to. The first interaction I had with him just him passing through locker room. Well, I mean, in the whole conversation, you know, when you were drafted, Christian was getting rookie receivers or getting new blood at that position for Rogers. I mean, that was the whole conversation to see who could be drafted to help him out because Devante Adams had left. Were you aware of all those conversations about the young receivers and Rogers at the time were you fully cognizant of it or you were not paying attention to it, Christian? I mean, for me it was more so kind of in one year out the other. In my main goal was just to, you know, from ground zero to build up my relationship with him and just try to be the outlet for him as much as I could. So I mean, I heard them obviously, but in one year and out the other for me. Okay. And so what about the early on relationship with Rogers and you? Christian. I mean, for me, for me, it was kind of just a rocky start in general. You know, having my little knee clean up pre training camp and not being able to get those reps in with him during training camp. I mean, I feel like that was just a little setback for me because I know I know, especially for a guy of his experience, getting those reps in and building up that trust and that confidence in me from him is going to be huge for me. And in terms of starting off hot, you know, I think that that was just a little setback for me, but I mean, it was kind of another step in the road. So I kind of had to take it as it was. But you know, I think as I was able to kind of get more reps with him and get more, get more of that confidence going up with him. I think it was just kind of, you know, up from there. Well, then certainly started to click when you got back healthy and you started playing and getting a ton of targets. I guess you could say it started against Dallas that over time victory that was your first career 100 yard game and then you started following it up with that three touchdown performance with another multiple one the next week. What did click for you? What do you think that was, Christian? I mean, for me, it was that confident piece, you know, just knowing that everyone has that confidence in me and then just me being able to have that confidence myself to just go out there and just play the ball that I know I'm capable of playing everyone wants to say that they had that confidence until you're really out there and performing the way I actually want to perform in the back of the head. You know, I want to kind of brush that off my shoulders and just get rolling and play the football bob I wanted to play. I think it was just that was I had to get that off my back and I was rolling from there. How did a kid from Phoenix wind up in North Dakota state? From Tampa. I mean, you played your high school. You're born in Phoenix. You played in high school in Tampa. How did you wind up in North Dakota state? Christian. That was my only offer coming out of high school. You know, I was under recruited. I was undersized throughout the majority of my high school career. So I was a late bloomer. I think I shot up four or 5 inches and like 30, 40 pounds going into my senior year. So I kind of overlooked up until that point and in North Dakota state just kind of put their trust in me. And I ended up being my only offer so I committed and just, you know, let the stones lay as they may. I just, you know, made the most of the opportunity. Hold on a second. That's a word I've never heard associated with you is undersized, Christian. So what were you as a junior in high school? What do you got? My junior season, I was around 5, 9, 5, ten, like a 145 pounds. What? And then going into my senior year, I was around 6 two or 6 three, 175, hundred, 80 pounds. Oh my gosh. So you got to get new clothes and everything. I mean, that's unbelievable. Because right now, I mean, you look like a grown ass man when standing in the end zone. I'm not going to lie. You know, I thought about it nowhere and then I kept on growing up, 'cause I went to I went to college, you know, 6, two and a half, 6, three. 6, four, 6, four and a half that I am now and obviously, you know, put on a lot of weight filled out a little bit more. So I came in late, but obviously it all came to what it is today. So then how do you keep it all a Christian Watson here on the rich ice show? This is amazing. I honestly did not know this about you that you had a growth spurt and then you go to North Dakota state obviously one championships there with Trey Lance, who I'd love to talk with you about in a moment. And then you suddenly you wind up at Lambeau Field, devonta Adams has gone. You got the pressure of being the second round draft choice that you need to come in right away with Aaron Rodgers, you're standing there with Aaron Rodgers of all people. You know, at Lambeau Field. And then was your head spinning last year? Christian to be very honest?

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