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Hi Caregivers this let's talk dementia. And I'm here Ohio. Thank you for joining me here on yet. Another Day of being quarantined with Cova. Nineteen virus in our world is just crazy stuff isn't it? I had said the other day that if they close my pool I was not going to be a happy girl. They closed my pool. They did so on Friday and as I record this today is Monday and I'm just a little bit unhappy about that pool being closed but I am getting out and walking and doing those things to help. Keep me sane because you gotTa Take Care of Yourself? I'm practicing some good breathing because as I talked to you about in one of the episodes how when we're stressed we build up a lot of cortisol our body releases cortisol in. That's not necessarily unless we're running from bears and we're not running from bears today. Are we some breathing in? I'm trying to do things to keep my brain happy well. I hope that you are finding some time to relax and to take care of yourself I can tell you that In Our world. We're praying for everybody. I don't think there is an individual on the planet. That's not affected some way and I hope that some way is not because you have the virus or you know someone who has it a hope. Maybe it's just that maybe you can't get toilet paper. I don't know why we can't get toilet paper. That's just weird But we are praying for each person that's affected in whatever way and that this virus will just miraculously leave our world. It just takes a little bit of faith and I'm thinking My faith must be really really little. But I'm that's what I'm praying for is that it would just miraculously leave. Our world without explanation did just numbers which is ceasing. The number start going down release really drastically small. The number of people diagnosed liking get back to normal but I know it's making your caregiving journey more difficult. I just had a phone call with memory care department where my brother-in-law lives Uncle Ernie? It was kind of funny. They said he is so fun to be around because he's teaches entertainments with all his life stories. And I said Nora. None of those stories are true. She said they're not I said. Ernie has not told a story in probably a couple of months that the information that story happened or was even close to being accurate. She said well. We don't know what he's just listened. So you gotta take the good where you can get it right today. I want to answer a question. That a viewer or listener wrote in Katherine and she wanted to know was normal for folks in late stage Alzheimer's to lose their ability to have conversation or to Speak and that is normal. It does happen and The reason is Well first of all languages stored in lots of parts of the brain but the left. Temporal lobe is where the bulk of languages stored and we lose it in Alzheimer's left and language and lose all start with AOL. You can remember that the right temporal lobe is where rhythm is in it. Remains RIGHT RHYTHM REMAIN? Start with are the right. Temporal lobe is least affected by Alzheimer's than any other part of the brain so it is more intact works better than the rest of the brain so we want to bring to our people those things they can do using the part of the brain. That's more intact and that's why you go into a good memory care community. There'll be a lot of musical type activities going on because music resonates they can remember all the words to Jim Reeves singing. Put your sweet lips a little closer to the funk. That's my mom's favorite song or whatever their song is they can remember that but when they get through. They can't say that was really fun because that's coming from the left temporal lobe. And they've lost the ability to put words together to make sentences gathering a nail in a verb a subject inappropriate. They can't put that together to make a complete sentence to get their words out. Or they'll start a sentence in those. I I WANNA go to the to the to the to the to the to the to the to new goody goody goody goody getting again getting it ago and you're like what I'll I heard I wanna go to deter and gotta go. No words just sounds and they'll hit on a syllable in stay there but Dipping in they're trying to say a word but they can't they can't get the whole word out and you're left trying to figure out what in the world they're trying to say or they have what is called. Word Salad if you picture a great big vegetable salad plant based salad note. No meat on this plant plant based eating girl and you want. You've got cucumbers tomatoes in you got celery and you've got Lettuce you've got migraines because that's my new. Things been adding micro grains everything and you decide. You'RE GONNA put your foregin there and you're only gonNA get a piece of cucumber with. That might be very hard to do right because it's word salad. Everything's mixed up in there in so they reach for a word but instead they get some other word or former thereof or some combination of several words in that how it comes out and we're left trying to figure out what they were trying to say I think in my book used the word potential I won't Arto whereas my And you'd be happy to let them have peduto a help them onto peduto. If only you knew what was so your response to them could be something like well. Dad We need to find your peduto. You're right it is missing. Now tell me I forget. How do you use a Dardel? What would you do with the Dardel? 'cause I I forget I haven't had a long time. Hopefully they will be able to answer in some way like well. You you put it on your own on your on your shoulder and and and you and you and you a and and you're going what what what what. But you're watching their hand signals. And if they're taking their hands down the center of their chest like they might be on buttoning or buttoning or they're trying to put their arms through something than maybe paternalism jacket. Maybe it's glasses. Maybe who knows what but you watch how. They're using their hands. What they're acting out to see. Can you figure out what a portal is but you be accepting of the fact that yes? They need their paternal. And yes you help them find the Puerto and hopefully lead him into questions. That will help you figure what a portal is dad. What color is your bottle? Well it's Bright Pink and you know. Dad Only has one bright pink thing than going to narrow it. Down Right Mom What do you when you use your poodle? Where do you use it? Do you take it with you somewhere. And she might say shopping might get one word out shopping mom shopping baby mom talking about her purse or maybe they put their hand through their hair in the dirt. Eliza coat comb method. I don't know where code came from would not be coat going to air would be come. See Word Salad. You reach for one word and you get another. We all do but it is very common for folks with late stage. Alzheimer's to lose the ability to put sentences together. My favorite thing about my Mama when I think back about her last six months of her life was the day she went on hospice was the day. She said the last complete sentenced to me now. She said a few cents afterwards but never directly to me and hospice Employees had just left. I signed all the paperwork. Mom was sitting in her recliner group. Home she lived in in the living room. I was in the dining room and she saw me and she goes Buki. Get your ass over here. That was Mama's last complete Senate. She was never able to put full sentences together after that except when she was having visions of heaven and she did have visions of Heaven and she said Oh. And I said why Momma she says it is so beautiful. I'm going to love living here. But she didn't say to me she was saying it as just a response to what she was saying. That was one of those wonderful amazing reckless moments in my life. So at some point start putting sentences back together. Y'All in that happens when the Lord starts to call him home in that's what happened for mom and It's interesting but we lose that ability to put words together when Alzheimer's is present. Y'All just learned to deal with that you be accepting of. It helped them to give them clues. Help them to give you clues and help to guide them towards those clues just be accepting of it because it's frustrating for them to eerily as they have something they wanna tell. You can't do it. Kinda imagine what it would feel like if you were in another country see. I'm good southern girl. I haven't traveled very much. So if you take me to Japan I'm not GonNa understand a word anybody saying and they're probably not going to understand my southern English so we have a communication problem is frustrating on both sides. It is pure folks with dementia too. So breathe take big. Breath helped him to potentially respond to questions. You might ask or act out. Promised to help them to speak kind. What's important and in this world as we're dealing with with Kovin be nice to other people. I've gone on facebook. I'm only posting my show on facebook and I'm reading nothing but I know people are just arguing left and right on facebook. Stop doing that. Y'All be nice. It's a whole lot better world when we've decided be nice. We all have enough stress. Do I hear an amen on that? One blessings smiles. See You on the next episode of. Let's talk dementia. 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