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Propaganda you know what our republican saying about that well today senator rob portman along who is a republican from ohio released a statement basically blasting tillerson and urging him to go ahead and tap this money i so that's a sign that there are definitely some republicans who want the us to try to counter russian disinformation in the best way that it can't and of course you also had some democrats speaking out including chris murphy of connecticut and ben carton of maryland so you know it's something that is of concern and as the sanctions bill shows there's tremendous bipartisan support for punching backing against russia for their alleged meddling in our election so it's it's hard to believe that this is going to go on a go down well with republicans or democrats is interesting because there are so many sort of optical things that this administration seems to get wrong if they are trying to distance themselves from this idea of russian collusion or undue russian affinity i'm you had today the statements that the trump administration and the kremlin putting out about the bill that donald trump very belatedly signed the sanctions bill be really similar mother children's noted that these these sound to kind of the same and then there was the fact that you had dmitry medvedev who is the prime minister of russia kind of trolling the administration and quantum leap putting at a tweet in which he said the trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to congress in the most humiliating way i get by russia would want to do that to sort of go the administration into doing more to stand up for making them relations better.

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