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He's going with the people at the council without the peop-. You've gotta try. In a box, WalMart dot com. I feel like the DVD box is him with the two legs in his arms. Looking surprise that you open the door. Yes. Yes. It's really badly photo. Shop to like it. Cheeseburger flavor when he does he puts because what he's cutting up the bodies, dude, he puts the chocolate under his nose like sounds of the land. All he's doing this fucking cut up job for a moment. It looks like he's got a Hitler moustache twenty minute comedy. Bit known ask for. Seen this thing. Right self easy. Larry's writers. I know we've spoken ill of him quite a bit on the show. Right. But you know, it doesn't have a working relationship. We know how to write for his character. We have to respect it to a degree because otherwise we wouldn't enjoy talking about it this month. That's exactly the cable guy a better person. Well, Dan, whatever is probably a better person in general than Mark Walberg would rather have lunch with Dan Whitney than Mark Welby one hundred ten per. So who would you rather have lunch with them? Mark Wahlberg, Larry the cable guy. Oh, definitely Dan with. I've just no, No, no. no, no, no, no. He's in character. He's not dead with it. So it's either Mark Wahlberg person. Scott fun. Yeah. Larry the cable guy the fake person. Obviously, larry. Because I wanna see the masterwork up close imagine being around someone in there. Fucking like bit doesn't drop like that. That's uncomfortable. Like when you go to like a fucking historical site or whatever. And it's like, yes, we are the original pilgrims all that stuff. Like that. Jim Andy movie where like Jim Carrey keeps doing Andy Kaufman ever that. Could you just shut the fuck up? All right. Who who is? In the middle of the former yourself he called him in the middle of the night. As Andy Kaufman of this. Jim, Jim, they have to do the most terrifying. Part of that though with that when Andy Kaufman's surviving family came to set. Yeah. And he spoke to the sister as Andy Kaufman. And she's saying on camera that is very cathartic. And I'm like, maybe it wasn't if that worked for you find. But that's the creepiest thing I've ever heard in my life. That's like Alps yoga's, lent them. So anyway, this movie's over it's a cliffhanger it fucking failed at the box office. So I don't know maybe we won't. And if it fails like this, and they don't get a sequel Greenland, and it'll be like now, bro. We always meant to leave it open ended. I feel like it's going to be nNcholas cage. Mild twenty three oh. Oh, yes. No, it's not he's he's too big. Yeah. This is more of a Dave Teesta oak day and date release on please stay away, you're better than this your blade runner. Twenty forty nine. You were inspector come on. You're in the guardians movies. You can't do this to yourself. Oh, he way puzzles. Actually, we've been talking about this whole time taking over sequels. Nobody wants fucking Larry miles. Twenty three. Absolutely. It's but he's exactly the same character. He's got the little live strong, raise everything the camera. The camera undercover character from delta farce and move on Harry, your brain goes to fast. It does what those chicken nuggets just pulled pork every time that you go through fast. That's every time. Chicken nuggets. Make my brain. Go fast pulled pork slows down to fucking hammered out a bunch of nerds and they're thick. So that sometimes I got pulled back a little bit. I'm having an aneurysm puzzle. Quick your back cracks. He's never done puzzle. Quick now. Oh, man. That's the end of this movie would anybody recommended? No, I wouldn't. I mean, literally, just close your eyes. And imagine the guy from the raid sawn someone's head off of a door of a car door. Yeah. That's kind of it. That was the only like Perko. Oh, you need man. So no this wretched undertaking. Fucking hate this movie. It's like the most cynical movie 'cause the whole point at the end of it, by the way is like well, they kill us. That's just the way. It is buddy. It's not like he has a better idea. He's like well fuck it. We're doing it. Yeah. There's no way to put that toothpaste back in the tube by friends..

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