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Refigure i don't want them to know but she i just wanted to check it for the technology inside of hence worth for to steal this idea can't event microphones yeah well things are going out of control here i'm taking notes on this you know a little worried about your show this isn't looking good your access rudy don't throw punch anyone don't steal any gold we have one guest to get to i really need to to win over corporate okay i think i think this guest is i mean i just wanna have a nice pleasant talk show here it's been we've been doing the show for nine years i it seems like i've never done just a normal episode of maybe the seth rogan episode in that marc maron episode but have a nice guy you know what you're right i'm going to get out of your way i want everyone in this way supportive supportive this next interview is going to be a tokay just hamad just wanna have a nice pleasant light conversation okay let's get to our next guest engineer brett's handing me or next guest indo no what what is is it our next james corden gyms kimmel's up that bad is it kimmel james fallon james kimmel or james no it's this person recently died ficus node craig ferguson she'll with us what did i just say about the interview for please welcome back to the show charlie manson oh serial killer at surely it is.

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