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Okay so you've all mentioned research and the funding required for that research in the first place so is this really in an issue of public perspective on medical marijuana is is that how we go about encouraging this kind of research is change the public perception record circle tricky one um i don't i don't go because it's almost as if the public perception no has gone so far in one direction so quickly you know there's there hasn't been the read their research needed a that's a tricky one for sure i see if i can just to jump back on the last conversation about on researching kind of just generally what we what we need to do in the future to dovetails long to what was said before i think that i said this once before but just to kind of narrow it down if that we have you know over a hundred cavanaugh is not just synthetics i'm talking about a more than one hundred snapping rights within the plan that you got and of those over a hundred essentially ninety nine point nine probably percent of the research has focused on shoot could have so and that's thc cb we just did it review of kind of secondary can it i'm to see what about the other ones has there been what's been done at all and we found just a handful of studies over the past five years even you know paid any attention to any other cabinet already from thc cd and that's just an same thing with turkey which is another thing to think about as that's kind of snow on the flavor of cannibus and goes or hypothesized to interact with happen in terms of africa see and again nothing arabs hardly anything that's been done in this area so it's.

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