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To come and give the state of the union. The state of the union has not been good. And he has been devices, and I think he's putting us all in harm's way. And so he's not worthy of being listened to. I don't know why anybody wanna pay attention to anything that he has to say she lies over and over again six thousand lives have been documented since he's been there. I just can't imagine what he's gonna try and say, and so I'm not looking forward to his state of the union, and I hope that people will turn the television mother's story about a bunch of Democrats that have made their minds are not going to go. And I think like fourteen or fifteen and it's not a record number. There's a lot of Republicans didn't go to Obama states in the union. And there's a lot of. It's not another words unprecedented. But of course, the drive bys are making a big deal all principals Democrats refused to show like John Lewis. From Selma and Georgia. Not going and so forth. Got a list of the guests that Trump is going to have sitting up in the gallery with MRs Trump. He's gonna have families of people murdered by a legal immigrants. He's going to have people that have been beat up by thirteen going to border patrol people have been shot. He's gonna have he's gonna have a cross section of American heroes. And he according to the older pre pub on this is going to be focused on unity and bipartisanship. And I don't know I I guess the the purpose of that is to show that the Democrats are not interested in it. We're continually told the American people want everybody to work together. America people want across the aisle. American people want washing it at work American people want Democrats, Republicans shaking hands it combined. Yeah. Here we are. Let's make it happen. Let's roll. And so Trump Sakata proposal that tonight. Not going to say anything about national emergency or declaring one supposedly. And Democrats are already rejecting with Chuck Schumer. Now, I my idea for what the state of the union should be. Is not this. But I haven't heard of either what have to wait and see. Exactly exactly what it is. But there's clearly going to be an effort to demonstrate that the democrat party is not who. And what they say. They are this has been tried before. But not by somebody like like, President Trump. Let me take another brief timeout. There's just a couple of things I want to get to before we get to the phones, including a couple more soundbites in the state of the union. I want you to hear Schumer rejecting it before even been given. And no we got Andrew Cuomo. This is so good. It was just yesterday the drive by media told us that what seventy or eighty percent of the American people support your Cortes ame- raping of the rich via the tax code. Seventy to eighty percent. The American people all in go for it, bro. We're ready raise taxes on the rich and here's Cuomo. The the upshot is New York state. Just realized because of people having left the state because of their taxes that they are two point eight billion dollars short. In their revenue projections, two point eight and Cuomo is beside himself, and he comes as since we can't tax the rich anymore. We can't buy God. We can't lose the rich the drive bys are not playing these bites. But I want you to hear them. So we'll take a break. Have some ample time on the other side to get back into all this go.

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