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And they are more open and more accepting, and that's all we can ask for you know so I'm hoping that it took all this craziness in literally for the world to be on fire. Because again it's not just America. There are protests all around the world, and hopefully now will start doing better because there's like. I might be elaborate, but like there's always there's been one thing that happens, and then we get mad and then another thing that happens, and then we get mad, but I think with a Motte Aubrey happening and again that video going viral in taking two months for prosecutors to do anything and then this happening right after. And he just yet Brianna Taylor. There's a couple other. There's multiple people that was a kid that was twenty twenty one year old kid who was getting arrested in front of his grandmother's house, and she fell in the mix of everything is poor old woman, and so there's just so much it's gone on, and the sad thing is. There are so many names you know what I mean like that's it. There's no fly about this and you forgot about that and you think about like three. Martin and Eric Garner, and then you know Kapernick. When he was taking a knee a couple years ago, and now he doesn't play the game, you know. He was blacklisted solutions so. So much going on, but again I just hope that especially with Colbert I was hoping that people would understand that we're all human beings, and we are all at risk through the now police brutality like the sane is black lives matter because of black people are being attacked unanimity book police brutality is bigger than that why people deal with police brutality Brown people will deal. Who's charity, but the fact right now is black. Lives matter movement were doing so like a really infuriates me when people are like Oh is matter and I'm like Bro Nobody said you didn't show I get so mad, but I try not to fight with people because they're kind of just fat. Totally I did see a video at the posted specifically for Brown people in your leg. We need to do better right. And I think especially for older generations that still have the colonize mentality of lake. They can't help but be racist because that's what they learned, and so that gets passed on, and we've seen the Latinos matter to, and so you were pretty vocal. Because my thing is this I grew up in like Machiavelli Sally I grew up around black, a grip around Asian a group Ron, white, Indian like I was in a melting pot in so I saw racism, but that was never me, and I actually got in my first fight, because a kid was making fun of my black friend like that. I remember that specifically like. Like wearing my Laker Jersey was brand new eight Kobe when it was blue, and like taking off, giving it to my friend Andrea and going up to the due to punching them in the face in front of balconies in Montebello. Lot of details are 'cause, I remember that specifically, but my thing is. It's really frustrating because again especially if you think about the hood. Hood Right, it's always been segregate black versus Brown right, and then the jails are very much like that so I have that experience for my cousin who's been in jail for years, and he would tell me Shit because of my friends and I'm like Yo. Do Lecture being alone. You know mean like any, but again I told them leave me alone, but then I didn't. Didn't tell him you're wrong. You know what I mean I was young, and so as I got older, I was able to be like no, that's not right like the that over there. This is my life and you're not gonNA..

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