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Where eagles are struggling. They throw some hurts. Plays in their and success. Have some misfires there. But eventually hurts comes in again he obviously. They're not as good as the ravens word in twenty to twenty nine hundred. We didn't leave them to playoffs but they were kind of in the mixed in by week. Fifteen sixty yeah so The friction was a wooden say like it was nearly to the level that the eagles are experience with whence hurts and and the that saga However word yes As as for. Joe flacco you know. He said he was confident. And i think He he earned a bit of that respective like. I'm still the starter. Like i'm here for a reason and i plan on you know not giving up my position you know. I think it was more of a competitive Vibe than it was Friction but i think there definitely was some like anytime. You are the starting quarterback and your team spends their first round pick or a first round pick on a possible replacement. You're gonna be concerned in a little bit Agitated i think output it Joe flacco in Harsh or didn't like show. Chris criticism publicly Outside of just saying like i. This is my position. I plan on competing for it and it was You know in week one. I believe he threw three touchdowns against the buffalo bills that year and performed a great in a forty seven three blowout to begin the season. So you know. Joe looks very much. Ready to continue competing. Meanwhile lamar jackson needed to get up to nfl speed And that's not due to Is literal running speed. It's studio the mental game in the mechanics game because amar's speed is is among the elite in the nfl. He just had to get in the playbook and and operators mechanics and get him up to nfl readiness. I look at the mar in a tearoom soft when it comes to speed and that dynamics schism at quarterback position. Let me look at tier two. I think jalen hurts is right there similar to a guy who also played in oklahoma. Kyle mary not as murray better quarterback prospect better passer clearly at this stage of their careers. I think they have similar styles and heard a nice blend speed in size played. The cardinals last year had a very memorable run. Where he knows truck stick a bigger goes in for a touchdown and that was one of those moments where he got this guy something. Can he be doug. I can be a franchise. Guys flash pam. How did the ravens are balls. Thereby greg reminiscent Offensive coordinator seen so integral to the success. That lamar had kind of making a unique offense. That's not really seen as much in the pro game college down. i don't mean that an a negative connotation because mara obviously add tremendous trim one of the most accessible college quarterbacks of all time and sometimes you see pro pro coaches little reticent to bring those odds those intricacies to the pro game. It seems that roman did that so well for the mar what do you think how do you think they put him in a position to succeed because he essentially immediately in two thousand eighteen and then runs away with the mvp award the followings. Yeah absolutely once. He joined it on the team. He went to six in one as a starter in the only loss being in overtime loss to the kansas city chiefs the bane of the ravens existence. Right now but more importantly your answering your question. Be significant aspect was the the ability in the unwavering confidence to just switch Schemes they knew. What lamar's Strengths were everybody knows. What lamar art speed agility and acceleration among the best in the world and he does so under center in the gun and the pistol. Whatever what have you. And they also had a pretty staunch offensive line that they could run behind lamar Assuming marshall yondo is still a part of that squad. Far too frequently we've seen plays and All throughout his career of let's run behind number seventy three onto onto hot like that was. That was the running game Help that gus. Edwards was part of that team a perfect complement to lamar speed. And agility is an absolute hammer of a of a heavy running back. That's capable of gaining yards on just about every single kerry. I think just the confidence to do. So and and i like that. You put that switched to a little bit more of a college system in which they're allowing the quarterback to the more mobile they're allowing easier throws in. They're trying to scheme up an easier system for him. As compared to win. joe flacco was under center. I think not having any shame in in doing so is a is a key component there because some people like you mentioned it's not necessarily a negative but you're looked at differently when you include a a lesser system quote unquote and the ravens said. You know what this is going to help us succeed john. Harbaugh was was getting mutterings of being. Let go at season's end with crazy in rodgers absolutely free but they make this switch. They know lamar strengths and they said you know what this is going to make us successful. We have a tough offensive line or a tough ravens team. We are known for playing defense in running the football now. We have an extra mobile player in lamar jackson. Let's utilize these drinks. And they came out. They did so In that is what was so in a rural in getting him going in the. Nfl was they knew his talents. They knew how to execute it. They had the players to do such a scheme and they were already there on the roster and that allowed for such a tr- smooth transition more than anything support for this episode comes from forward..

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