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So he's actually establish that. Did you already mentioned? I believe I said the British Museum. Okay. London's Bloomsbury. So he spent about three years finding the right objects and among them is this really amazing. Again, another self plug really amazing head of the emperor Augustus. I don't know if you've ever seen it. It's this beautiful bronze thing had sculpture oxidized, so it's kind of green and then it has. These amazing is which staff are intensely made out of glass and shows I used to have a picture of a hanging. My Lou interesting in my last house that is interesting a little bit too much information. So the head is immaculately preserved because around two thousand years ago, it was captured by a Cush light army. If you're wondering whether from it's an area that's now in modern Sudan. So the Kushtia army captured the statue which had been sent out for kind of imperial reasons chopped off his head, buried the head face down under the steps to the temple so that everyone going into the temple stamped on Augustus head in this kind of. Symbolic act of defiance and rage against the Roman empire machine. I'm there lay until nineteen ten when it was excavated an an example of really extraordinary benevolence rather than just taking it as they did with the organ marbles. The British Museum actually bought it for that connection where now resides so in his office, having it installed low down close to the ground kind of in the manner of it's sort of long internment. Fascinating. Also impressive about that. Was that old managed to begin an end that review with both items somehow itself. Impressed that skillful, thanks org. You're with the briefing or more call twenty four. Let's head to the Balkans though to wrap up the day's program, more weird and wonderful stories in the frame here. Let's hear from Monaco's man in the region guide loan good often into you guy. What have you got for us? I gather there's a big anniversary around. Yeah, there is two hundred and forty a big anniversary. It's one we all mall because when the two hundred and fortieth Tom. Absolutely. So yes. I mean, it's it's It's a a slam slam. at all anniversary, no way to hundred and fortieth, but it's a big one for Slovenia because it's the two hundred fortieth anniversary today of the first successful ascent of mount three glove, which is Slovenia's highest peak rooms to about three thousand meters. And this is such an important place in Slovenian psyche, Tom, because if you look at the Slovenian flag now it's red white and blue trickier, which looks like pretty much every other red white and blue trick lab, including embarrassingly Slovakia, the one distinguishing because everybody gets Slovakia Slovenia mixed up. So it really doesn't help. But there is one distinguishing feature on the Slovenian tricolor and that is a graphic representation of Trig love. And they say, Tom that you cannot be properly Slovenian unless you have made an ascent of Trig laugh. Okay. Have you have you ever given a bash go? I know I have no. I've talked into the lake which you can see from trick, but not not just. This is something that's something to look forward to perhaps. Let let's say you do tackle this autumn. You might miss out on well, another sort of traditional, a traditional sort of happening, which is a photo by the I'll just tower. That's right, Allie. Yes, tower is the if you won't get you take a selfie from the top of mantra glove and say, look, I am truly Slovene than the alleyoop tower is the place to take this photograph. Now a has to be said, the Elliot's tar looks like a six year olds, representation of what a space rocket looks like. Or maybe if you've seen walls in Gromit the the, the grand day out, it's it's that kind of space, rocket sort of thing. And there's a lovely picture on the the STI news agency website of somebody in a climbing helmet, peeking out a bid grinning face peeking out of this. This whole that's cut in the side of the Slovenian space rocket on top of this mountain. And it does look extremely precarious. I have to say, which is why I'm in no rush to climate, but that is being helicoptered off to be repaired again to be taking off. Generations of paint, stripping it back to the metal repairing that crucially also repairing the lightning conductor, which has got damaged somehow quite possibly by lightening, and hopefully in a matter of weeks, we'll be back there for keen Slovenes to once again, do selfies with..

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