President Trump, Omar, Donald Trump discussed on Larry Elder


News this hour for townhall dot com. Patrick fos. President Trump says he does not forget his ongoing scuffle with democrat Representative Ilan, Omar one of the first Muslim women to serve in congress. The president says he has no regrets about sharing video that purports to show Omar being dismissive of the September eleventh terrorist attacks, he's been very disrespectful to this country. She's been very disrespectful, frankly to Israel. You tells? Ks teepee TV in Minneapolis that Omar is extremely unpatriotic. And that she has a way about her that is very bad for our country. The congresswoman says she has faced increased death threats since the president posted the video about her. Greg Clugston, Washington. Attorney general is making a change that affects asylum-seekers attorney general William bars ending the practice that has afforded asylum seekers the chance to ask a judge to grant them bond while their cases are pending if they clear a credible. Fear interview bars decision will have a wide impact. Gregory Chen, the director of government relations for the American immigration lawyers association says about ninety percent of asylum seekers past their credible. Fear interview. However, the decision does not apply to asylum-seeking families because they generally can't be held for longer than twenty days. It also does not apply to unaccompanied minors. Mike Rossier, Washington. The Rasmussen reports presidential tracking polls continue to favor. President Trump the poll shows fifty two percent of likely voters approve of Mr. Trump's job performance while forty eight percent disapprove at a similar stage in his presidency. Barack Obama was polling at forty six percent job or provable. The latest figures also include thirty seven percent who strongly approve of the job. Mr. Trump is doing and forty percent who strongly disapproved this gives them a presidential approval index rating of minus three correspondent, Jeremy house. This is townhall dot com. Donald Trump is set to use gold to challenge. The Federal Reserve this action will drive the stock market higher and may gold prices soar..

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