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It with your taxes and then you get to pay again through a toll i just love is gonna fix it with a new per mile tax about i don't like no rigs there southbound but also earlier this week and here's the thing four or five years ago i remember wer cog meeting were they were throwing this idea round of a per mile tax because of of the electric cars and the idea was well when the day comes when there is no gas cars left will need to do that you'll get saddam and immediately someone says to me done within a few years they're going to have the double whammy you're gonna be paying gasoline tax and a per mile tax they're going to find a way to do it sure enough they're talking about it in the last county supervisors meeting presence w are caught they were talking about this a per mile tax just recite county since the state hasn't been innovative enough drew started statewide we're going to do it the county we're gonna lead the date why think it was thought about in sacramento i'm not mistaken well method organiser already done a a pilot program with it now here's the danger not only is an extra tax now he truck was miles d that unity my son your car guess within device linda us it could tell them where you're at when you're there yeah got yes how many miles you how intrusive is that how antifreedom is that rather on steroids well last week we talked about the supreme court going over the location services on your iphone as the loss of the fourth amendment so here we are they wanna put something on your car same worry in my opinion now here's what you do is like with your cell phone then or yet with a cellphone of course if you if you do that there are some people i meet with require me to bed maria domestic cellphone before they'll meet with me while well it's amazing now they want to track you and your vehicle now remember the yes taxes the new whatever is already increasing registration sorry increasing how much younger pay yes now they want also per mile what are they.

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