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Well romesh inside the british library and it's weeks since we last met what fuping up to a novel since then it's been going very very story i thought i would have got much much further in in revising the know who tried to get the sentences just a little bit better and one of the things we are here for now is because i got to the point on pitch hundred twenty win this boycott room young boy twelve cutting the to the bridge has gone with his friend on the trip out of kalumbu out in the countryside in pena elite of house little touched house there's no electricity there's nothing but as he was packing his little bag picked the book from his father shelf it was the tennis bookie could find and beck night constantly because it's strangely quiet in this place was not a sound and he has tucked away his little book at the end of the britain he decides while he'll repentant beach have little flashlight sticks flashlight pitstops reading the book is called problems of life which is one of the reasons why he picked it he thought bowe this latvia time i might solve a few things off from myself what is the problems of life as luhn trotsky sees it well we have the book in front of sits by the russian revolution rayan marxists thing canal trotsky it's very slim and it is actually the book that he looks at because this particular but because published in ciller on as it was than in colombo fifty one a peterson lane in columbus sex properly not very far from where i once lived this is urging a written a ninety 24 but this addition is published in 1962 in my book nineteen 64 so he could very well have big this very copy how important is this book to the novel it has grown i saw this book by accident renault's researching the rise and fall of political parties his in sri lanka and i was looking at the left wing parties in i came across.

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