Mahomes, Dan Marino, Birdie discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Greatest mechanics of all time. Birdie was a guy who'd be here and he'd come here and he said, what are you doing? Oh, he was doing the look pass before mahomes was. Dan, remember how I could do Dan Marino's cadence? Yeah. Let me show you one day when we're in live or maybe at the Super Bowl. I can give you Bernie kosar better, no number 20 can give you himself. Or was he at 20 and did Bernie 2019 of the pro 20 in college? Give the audience a little bit of your Dan Marino at the line of scrimmage. Well, you know how Dan, we hear all the sound now. One night teen and Aaron Rodgers came. Well, Marino was very simple. He was well ahead of it before the times he'd be like, Mike is right, Mike right? And he'd be licking his fingers about 14 times while he was saying it. Mike Wright popped back into gun and he'd say, Mike, Mike's 55. Down, sad. And we're on three. One 80. What is that?

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