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Day of the big Seattle boat show. Twenty nine thousand nine addition was a few years ago producers noticed a very low turnout on Super Bowl Sunday. So they decided Saturday was always the best data bring the finale the largest boat show on the west coast. Third-largest now in North America first boat show in Seattle in nineteen forty seven. It'll be open 'til eight o'clock tonight at CenturyLink field also at south lake union and way to go. Thanks to an incredible community effort, the sky valley food Bank in Monroe reopened yesterday after a power outage that kept them in the dark for nearly twelve hours. The concern was about ten thousand pounds of cold food. Police officers firefighters city workers in volunteers all rushed to that food Bank. During the outage to save all of the cold food, the doors are now back opened up the food Bank Shinde chessy of the food banks feed nearly three thousand people. Month. They're very thankful for the community in helping. I know that I live and work in an incredible community foodbank lost about fourteen hundred pounds of dairy products during the outage caused by a dump truck that pulled down some nearby power wires, if you're going to the Super Bowl party of choice, or maybe planning a romantic night on the town for Valentine's Day, you could see a price hike all of a sudden on rideshare apps like Uber, and lift surge pricing happens when a lot of people order rides in the same area at the same time. So is there a way to steer clear of that cost? Just so happens it komo's gave Cohen went out to find the experts to find an answer. Seventy dollars is a lot to pay for a lift, especially one that goes just three miles across west Seattle that trip usually costs around ten bucks. But this ride happened during Seattle sub pop festival when surge pricing was in effect. That's when a lot of people in the same area are requesting rights, so Uber and lift. Spike, their prices to three even ten times the normal cost. I'm gonna pay it. It's.

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