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You're, never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS good evening Maria Garcia Three things at nine fifteen one police still investigating the death of a baby. Boy found floating in the East River, near the Brooklyn Bridge today wearing only a diaper there were no signs of trauma officials say no parent or guardian has. Been located at this point to, some terrifying moments for the staff at Sarah Beth restaurant on the Upper West side. Today a man jumped out of a walk in freezer and attacked employees with a knife then the man suffered a medical emergency and later died police say it wasn't a former worker and. They still don't know how he got in the freezer in the. First place and three another heatwave is upon us and we'll be sticking around, until Tuesday WCBS reporter Mike Shulman stayed cool with some special friends today they could be the coolest dudes and do debts around. And it's not just because of the tuxedos they wear year round Penguins at the penguin display at the central. Park zoo it is a comfy thirty five degrees comfy for penguins inside their enclosure, for those of us looking thought that cool but it's much better than outside the way it is a hot. Wave. Says. Simone bolts who is visiting from Spain with. His wife Alexandra and it's actually. Much cooler here today in Spain there around three, in this whole one hundred nine degrees Fahrenheit yeah. Yeah be glad you aren't there in central park Mike sugarman WCBS NewsRadio? Eight eighty we might be dealing. With the heat wave here but it. Happens to be chilly. In San Francisco how about buying some warm duds from a, vending, machine at the airport CBS's. Mary Lee reports San Francisco I picture people. Get off the flight it's foggy I go I. Wasn't ready for this summer in California and I. Go hey I can buy a vest Peter Finch knows, all about San Francisco summers he lives here and was just about To catch a flight when he stopped, to check out this best vending machine I had heard. About this and that they were selling really well here for some reason I heard, vest I pictured like a British tweeden's athletic guy that's pretty random to sell at the airport but now they're. Kind. Of. These cool kind of down looking jackets these. Uniqlo puffy vast and jackets are. So popular travelers are buying more than ten thousand, dollars worth a month the vast sell for.

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