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Three cities to college hoops experts one range rover sport espn's davis first round of the turnament to get the juices go jay bilas bake mind mark on this game of the ultimate tournament road trip with assists along the way from christian later and paul peers setting the stage for never been done before shellings they're big bovina wigs watch at espn dot com slash range rover sport land rover above and beyond all right so it's kind of a long walk as to how we got here but we have marc cohn so more we well first of all we're fans and and and we we're going to get to the songs that are the reason everyone knows yard but the reason you're on the show is because we had sophie b hawkins on last week and we asked her what how did how did you make it in the business and she started talking about marc cohn and a cassette tape cocaine your coat and being a good tipper and all kind of crazy you remember all that i do i do i haven't thought about it for twenty five or thirty years yeah and amazing she mentioned it all this time later that's so sweet well and gives you credit for the reason that we know who she is so we appreciate that oh that's lovely that's really sweet i think that's the first time that's come up in twenty five years it's incredible yes so he was a coach checker all at a restaurant that i used to go to when i was singing sessions in new york city in midtown that we stuck up a conversation i think she was sitting back there reading anna karenina which you know you don't see most coach girls doing that.

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