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Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Molyneux's the entitled dreamy technology reliant eighteen to thirty four year olds are about to move into their purchasing power. Are you ready contrary to what you may think millennials are very observant and have introduced new corporate expectations into the market ninety percent of consumers will switch brands to one associated with a good cause given similar comparisons. How do we know insight is a group of people that uses advertising for good? How can we improve your community? Visit I n CIT impact dot com. Ward and Ed Clements. Afternoons three to seven Gary Cohn had maybe the most telling exchange so he's out. So it doesn't really matter. But he talked about how he took a document off Trump's desk scientist, so he wouldn't sign it. He would forget about trading. John kelly. I don't know how those two coexist now. How can Jeff Sessions from Maine as attorney general the last weekend? And then the revelations today. But for John Kelly. I mean, that's that's the president's right hand. Man. He just call them in eighty. I don't know how to explain him at all how he's. He may just be used to it. They might be. But really say that about your boss when you're essentially the the caretaker. I don't know how Trump know relax to fight back the Twitter. I don't even know if there's enough characters in their winning down go to West Virginia, Jeff Ward and Ed Clemens lead is seven on NewsRadio kale. DJ? When things go from spooky intriguing to fake to scientific that our souls are quantum packets of information would attach to our biological hosted animates, it it all starts to make sense to remove all the paranormal and supernatural aspects of all of this ground zero with CLYDE Lewis, and we can surmise the packets of quantum data around us all the time ground zero weeknights on NewsRadio KLBJ. The Todd and Don show capper metro launching new bus routes and frequency of bus stops hoping to reverse a decline in the percentage of ridership statesman reports ridership has declined four straight years. Even the Metro Rail is down this year by five percents maybe made down five over percent, the weekend but we have more in that people murder living down here in Houston. capital The killing metro says a little they have more seven people year old writing, jasmine but the Barnes percentage based Houston. on the population Police say their of gang the city members may be down. probably But basically a case they of mistaken added a bunch of new identity bus stops. is shooting They eliminated into ones the that wrong we're not very park. productive. There are But they some added a serious bunch questions of new bus that need stops to be effective answered yesterday. because I we're I'm now very learning confused that he by got this tips we've last grown Thursday and based that on these those two percentages guys were the killers. ridership has And down. yet it went Why don't on they and try on to for days become smaller with the public more being efficient, led to believe leaner they were and looking meaner for a versus white guy spending is the sheriff more needs to address and trying this to expand? When the interest Wednesday clearly or Thursday is waning. when they released It's called that sketch, cap remapping but he said, you and know, the tenth went into that we effect were getting yesterday. about these Major two guys overhaul was of conflict the bus service across with what the city the witnesses capital. Metro had says, said. this should And now simplify the witnesses. the routes I mean, make what it a more, tragedy reliable to go through and. Up that. the frequency. That was probably The agency has the added last one hundred person and ten they new saw bus stops and the cut vehicle seventeen they described. during And the this transition is why you period have to street wait teams for will be all stationed of the facts at bus to stops, come out before helping you, people just go navigate out and deem, the changes. something Plus, whatever there were shuttle it is. pickup You wanna be rides writers weekdays who maybe ten to eleven didn't AM get the memo, and two for to example, three PM if you're on NewsRadio on the wrong streets KLBJ. streets the wrong corner waiting Markelle for the Boston melinda. also some things are different The this United morning, and way they've added of some central new shades Texas at is several out with of a these study new bus this stops. morning, And if saying you're a writer, forty two and percent you're hoping of that the the bus families is in Austin on time families because of you four don't want to be are sitting there struggling in the heat. They've to got pay the new shade. their monthly Instead Bill. of making sure the buses are They on say time. it They takes had some awnings an income to protect of sixty you from six thousand that. dollars a year You've got only a new sixty avenue six website thousand that you can that's easily surprises plug me it that where seems you like a are. very low And number where you just want knowing to go, the home and prices it'll tell you which in bus this to area get on. I in taxes don't understand that go along the with it. I would the say decision you making probably here. should People be are clearly close to eighty still to one hundred electing sixty to six use thousand the a year. cars We'll that support that we've a family all paid of four way too but forty much money two percent for of they the wanna families use those for the convenience are not able to option to has pay to be their bills better. and For the United me. The better way option says this does not ought to exist be a wakeup out there. call Not for even local close. governments. Oh, I don't know about that. I think Todd it should be and a Don wakeup show. hall to quit taxing everybody.

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