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Kashmir. Trust. Are you? Nine. Okay. So baby. The. You do. Software. No. Schedule. I don't. Underneath. Don't god. Make me. Ninety minutes nonstop music. We're still going. Thomas. Thank you. Nash tonight. You. Doc. Tonight. Boy. Don. Straight. Maybe. Who? Strange. Strange. Stroke. Point seven kiss. For ninety minutes. What's up? Bruno mars. And you're listening to one or two point seven kiss FM an iheartradio station. Games on my pinky. I Chang why Ukraine that you rich clay I'd be straight to the web. No magazine. See name. I'll be rocking named like his I shop to pay only one. I'm taking pics. Talking like a boss. Three main cash commie Raisman money. That's my name. Like say the wrong words, you be. Mr. what kind of in the city name gotta say. She can she can get it. I would say. Same like Mary Kay. She. Let you get it taste. Yeah. That's cool. Like me. Like me like me. Nike. I see. That's exactly she does. Chains on the neck for the NFL like Gucci would cream. I'm the black. Jay green..

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