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But, he says, unfortunately, reality that there will be times when people will not have dosages available in their community because there isn't enough being delivered to the state of Washington. This is a moment where this is not gonna be a next spect ation of an Amazon delivery system is he's also requiring all vaccines to be administered within a week of their allocation and all that data. Be transmitted to the state within 24 hours to eliminate much of the lag in the system. State governments, including Washington's are looking for immediate help from the incoming Biden administration to jump start their covert 19 vaccination programs. Political science professor Ben Gaskins explains the federal government's role provide more direction. I'm or coordination but ultimately more money and more vaccines as quickly as possible so that individuals and businesses and local governments can start to recover, he says. An important first step is to create a vaccine schedule to efficiently get supplies out to the states. Four workers at a Seattle based tried and foods plant in Alaska have tested positive for Corona virus, including one who had to be flown to a hospital in Anchorage. In the meantime, we're getting a clearer picture of how devastating the pandemic has been for the seafood industry. Here's comes calling Johnson before workers are with the company's Accutane Alaska seafood plant in the Illusion islands. It's a main processing hub for the harvesting of Pollock crab and caught from the Bering Sea. Where the work force of about 700, according to the Seattle Times. That workforce is expected to double in the busy season. Weeks ahead before were all roommates they had tested negative before they arrived for Trident and other seafood companies. The pandemics been a major health challenge, and the industry as a whole has suffered when restaurant started closing down, and that's that's our biggest market in the United States is the restaurant fund it Dixon is with 1/4 generation family owned commercial fishing operations in Oregon. Now, according to a federal report out last week, the pandemic has taken away about a third of the commercial fishing industries revenue. Carleen Johnson. Come on New home. A new time is now. 10 34 wounded. Thurston County Sheriff's Dog is back home. Arlo was shot during a police chase last week and had have several surgeries in Oregon in a video posted on the Sheriff's office, Facebook page yesterday we see our load, leave the vets..

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