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Are back with And Gavin Lee. Davis even is I roar latest and south book published haunted horror people of relate Habur to Ford it because it was west like, well, as this we talk is about about people this house and hone that was in built in eighteen on people. Find ninety it scarier, and they find it we more were terrifying. talking about the So individuals I kind of like who were there from eighty nine I to wrote ninety my back, one and then I would Gavin. say grateful, I Go go ahead. I I'll go let you on are complete the case, that then story. I did the media tool, Thank and you, I very all very much. your listeners, Can I just the warm say safe and wealth what what tonight. are your listeners saying? I'm so grateful I for them really listening appreciate into it so much. Welsh I've got guy a gift in for the UK. all of you And will just sort of if you could I remind me later on I went do on, that. and I did some of investigations No sign up. No, van in nothing. chief Like that. of fifteen Just that three gift. people Just got as in contact my way of saying with thank you me and to said, coast to coast hey, we on lived everyone in because your I do exact appreciate same is it. even So boy we're from where I left a nineteen off was thousand nine hundred ninety one me and my girlfriend went maintenance bad. And there we think for fifteen we months victim and of a home invasion war burglary. happened to me was So like. Trip to Disneyland my my compared full to what is happens we need to to them put a few and skylight. You run trade the risk review because is on the paranormal we'd hit community all kinds of terrible have things deemed this. and the ease You know, and of it's not of it's people not just being trying to celebrate big all the is genuinely kinds of horrible things wanted Hanafin for pin. things. Numbers You'll can't have come details across and is in the new things of book, that nature. which is I've now Oklahoma So I Ted Hora pushed myself against of have and west I actually felt have if I'd it west hit someone being this run whole up. The time stairs. Heavy. I live in in And Wales. then I thought the Which guy is was where the houses, pushed if and you have a site, which is where the and house is. it was the most So terrifying night. buck I haunted can imagine Horace Hafid it west was. is The scariest it's thing I've the ever encountered. invade wait As I said, for the people we don't have who live guns. there from I one thousand didn't nine hundred I didn't eighty nine have the baseball ninety by do one. not not It's that. I also would have helped a new that. edit of the most haunted house, which is my experience in Kind of subsided. to And we had the the heavy because for such I know there's a lot skeptical as we hit a people. big bang I mean, they weren't just accept it was ghosts. van. Or Silence. whatever And is all of this has happened because we're in twenty talking about thirty the seconds top of hasn't the paranormal played food over chain a in new long chives. period of time We're talking from about waking something. up to I'm everything believably happens. It's been twenty nasty. eight seconds. I've always included We've had a a four fight. EP. Page summary of explanations from Cinema from time when gas we were like we to. need to we Yeah. think they've Math gone we need to to get out. We need to get cell the fleece. communication We need to get technology the phone downstairs. logical all the way to the arcane And from obviously guys being the fed, man that that two was my dimensional job to DC. beans. You're So convinced the whole people have haunted broken horrid into your Hafid house. Wes Aren't you? is One a comprehensive in the highest. They account smashed of open the Justice. hives It's that not haven't it's been an star ordinary Alabama. house. They It's have not they've a big kicked old open the gothic window. mansion in They rampage not hundreds through the house of years old. opening It's one doors hundred twenty knock years things old. event smashing. Snow I buried on we've a graveyard. had all of this. We And could find it out was unmistakable. is just It an wasn't ordinary anything. house It could have inhabited been anything else. west We'd been burgled. which So I has got up and we such. made a big fast saying that we call the police Sinister about insidious we had presence a we had a weapon that on us all psychic these things. Just medium in case. went to the house I'm going down to try and cleanse the stairs it into ended the living up dying. room. Was the As scariest a result. I've Jain thing I've ever g. had to do. Because you just imagine Dying as a see result. if someone This grabs kind of like they may a have a weapon, hope ahead you don't. a little bit just to give Yeah. give Did your they listeners have and anything? yourself They could have nice. and They idea could have gotten. of how. I I've got a mug, In how and intense I made my this way haunting say was ten on the lights there and was a just psychic expected medium to see the stage. entire Name house. is rose, Just trashed and she's very humble woman. it was She it didn't was do it this was glorification active is nothing. Nothing. the church. She'd I wear expected it with a police, to see and she was an elderly the window. lady Does services. the We're kittens talking I in eighty billowing nine and she from was in his broken seventies window last year? and a whole life. She There adapted was nothing to the front door Clemson was locked homes from the inside. and Bye. being a spiritual counselor. Windows were locked Just nothing just helping people. apart We've from. we've we've issues It's that just this strange woman is thing. that It's was spirits just go Stevens now, you're you even name more it. Okay. baffled, aren't She you? goes When to it's the happening. house. The only And thing has what happened she days saw. on a And this such is great a strange because any Hollywood thing. producers But listening see TV things one is moguls. only CDs This is because a line. You kind of we had make later up CDs the later, medium CDs said. are being put into a spiral What on she the saw carpet in the house may about fifty was four beyond. CD's are How? being put into a spiral God on a picture did not of me, make and my it girlfriend and the devil have fear been taken off that the wall and put it by the was thought, so terrifying. so What she saw she couldn't comprehend my girlfriend what she is was seeing. like she's This like what's happening. woman spent I a whole life don't know. allegedly. Wait, we go spirits Someone's demons being hit, and but they all manner have been. of paranormal Yeah. entities And she came downstairs, and listening she kicked the that she CD and said she was just at the sat top on the phone. of the She's food cake. crying, So and difficult she sort for of her picture to describe. of us five it though. And she When took it as was a sign the housemaid by Gavin, the was the from hamsters the inside. made approximately And it was on a chain eighteen from inside ninety the back door six was hundred locked Victorian inside. times And it was on a chain. in. So even if At somebody had the a key Victorian to times events in for UK. whatever motive, whatever Now, if someone would have had I've we done we my research didn't on have the actual enemies building. in how long There's had no you one been listed in the house living when at this happens night in that fifty that you had. but Around from two months nineteen too eighty much. nine They'll top to two it'll be a very two slowly, seven people on for example. the house and seven people last At the beginning, who did always you the buy mundane. it from So we small little things, I isn't it? As in important two thousand documents and two game and that missing. was an interesting I'm story Ben in itself we started because arguing, me and my girlfriend you know, because we'd had don't a they very have good to disclose relationship. whether And now a house the pressures is haunted. of owning a house Maybe in they the don't financial out there pressures. in Wales. We start arguing Don't be honest. we'd hear footsteps If walking somebody across the, had Dan. said I remember one night. this house is I haunted was or there's been on amid my own a in the here. highest. I've sat in the dining table, I There's member not like yesterday. where I was reading I a book live in called half address heartbreak is such a small and Welsh triumph time, by wrestle show you Michaels, know, we we and I got a rich live history. in. We had We the plague had a cat we had the people and on we head footsteps on. This plague go above pet me around half in at west in the ethic we conversion, had our civil war. and I hit the door open. Battles And I here. went to the bottom of the stairs. But And the other cat than is that, at the top of the you stays know, we win on. It was all you big know, we just were formed and I by the left LA send something during World War Two. told But other run than down that. the We haven't head and been. the count is never the same. Cassoulet small community. I member We haven't we've just only we've in on actually every had TV. a serial killer. But we Ten haven't on the had radio ten the on the lights crime you'd out say of you'd is get just in one Los of the Angeles most and New York awful session. nights advocate Just because a small this thing isolated master view, and on this the coast. is where it Welsh might get time a little SaaS bit. the population one thousand two thousand Challenging people for maybe some people. twenty And and twenty I can't five tell thousand. me into offend anybody is just an opinion. Okay. I don't know if it's a fact. Geographical But area of about a hundred this thousand. entity with On. It's fry just a very off old negativities time it would lots feed of winding off streets. It's a river off town on mistrust a hill with a huge psychic castle. vampires. If anyone wants to go It into was my Instagram it was like a kind, parasite which is at the paranormal chronicles, it would there's I've actually thrive taken some pictures on of the castles misery with fry on off some on of the nice anxiety historical and depression. locations in Africa And west I anyone's is ended on Instagram up severely the paranormal depressed chronicles, and an alcoholic you'll find after all of that. living And you can enjoy in you Fremont. can have a look And I'm at lucky the time. And I can't it's I suffer just lucky it's very I escaped. quaint And I British I was like old I was time, like you know, like in the what book you see haunted in movies. Harv Hafid west like So we we vaccinations. went to visit the house I'm in not here to Ramat it two antibodies. thousand and But this two is the case I'm open the woman to suggestion. the Anyone agents can didn't end Email up me and at the the paranormal woman in chronicles the house didn't even AOL get off dot the com so I with show the surrounded fairies you said their she experiences. left so I she don't looked take so it tired all on board. she'd gone You of know, I so my girlfriend. I'm not here We looked around to the house, say. What is and right, it was a and beautiful what was summer's wrong, I evening as I say on does the hashing not peasant personal enough. life, We the went nosing upstairs, intricacies and there was a little of time girl space, in. university human mind, In there's a so bathroom. much. Should We I give don't you know. come to buy But a house this somewhere? thing Like, yeah. it You know, rise maybe, and I wasn't on desolation that keen to be at honest. five misery. So it dry We it went drove headlong a huge wedge garden between it me, and my girlfriend the house looks very to the small degree from the that outside. she went off, But it's and she had Rach an affair, is all the way and back I ended up just being broken the depressed house was alcoholic, valued at that and time I've been a so hundred business twenty six years. five And I'm five glad to be pined-, migrate okay, which was and pre help credit me crunch. support other So, people with dependency. you know, pre recession. So So it's that not was all like bad. quiet But money. at the time Okay. it was horrendous. Being from Now, sales of marketing. some people might I be just listening had to to this woman. How will you all go? of this sounds And like she she ordinary just said on things. the on the fly. And it I'll take was a hundred it was and five terrible for if me. you take But it then now. I go to preach My girlfriend by a couple was of quick, I guess Diane. it's I'm not who lived in just high do from nineteen it. eighty nine hundred ninety She one just dropped did they seek went you to out. grand. And They what sorry did they seek we you out we've Gavin used to find to house your approximately okay, the fish the hamsters second of a August. secret. And Okay. we have Because the keys of everything process people them stun want to sell the house, by face weaker September. it's a small Now, if anyone's time and baseball, people a high, love you playing Nevada the guessing takes game you of know, where the high when you says, put your legal side but of at it..

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