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Vice big brother You know I made my way to Amarillo to see that show and it was deal and Daniel definitely yeah. That was my first exposure. Daniel Johnston and the thing about Austin as an awesome night. I can say this. It's a pretty parochial town and getting that validation from MTV really mean the chronicle had already adopted Daniel but but that really put the Cherry on top as far as the city adopting him and and there was. None of the Austin scene at the time was built around bands like the true believers without one hundred veto and Zeitgeist. That later became the reverse. Glass I with Kathy McCarthy and these bans that that thought they might have a chance at MTV and then they kind of the biggest band in town to the extent that they were here but they were from here was about whole surfers. Who were sort of pariahs to the chronicle because it was clear they were never going to be accepted on. Mtv although ironically they ultimately did but but so daniels canonise is something that I've always found fascinating you know like reading discussions. I was reading an IRA robbins of trouser. Press reviews of Daniel's work prepare for the show. And you know there's a little bit of hand wringing about Oh you know is mental health and is this. Is this right to you. Know had qualms questions about this line ization of Daniel Johnson. Somebody who's obviously struggling with mental illness and to me you know that's sort of a recurring theme on the show. Talk about so many casualties who share their musical gifts with the world and then paid us. Enormous price and and Daniel did pay a higher price in a lot of people in his his mental faculties. Were more extreme than a lot of other artists. But I don't really see. Daniel is different than other artists. You know I mean he's obviously a powerful songwriter and like you say a gifted pianist and then his visual art only improved over the decades. And so now he's to me. Don Van vliet Captain Before. It's the only other rock artists. I know of WHO's had a successful art career is Daniel Johnson. Maybe John Lennon sketches. But then he's John Lennon so and so I'm just fascinated daniel sort of this multi-talented figure and yet and a lot of ways he's not functional enough to Ha- to be seen as a careerist and so I don't know I just find that team fascinating to do struggle with that at all that you feel like am I harming Daniel by bringing more attention to more. How much do you feel like you had to protect Daniel? Oh I mean not at all. I didn't think about it from moment. Daniel you know as I came to know because I was privy to. You know an insane amount of audio. Diaries and written diaries and things like that. And also you know became friends with Jeff. Tarnow Danny was the puppet master of his own career. He was very much driven like Gillen leads driven when he invaded Greenwich village in the sixties and hit the folk scene. There was a lot of talented artists. I mean we can replace you know the rivers or Zeitgeist or Kathy McCarty or any of those bands with Dave in rock or other folk artists in the village. But you know just like Gillan was better so as Daniel. You know And he was not shy about a he. He was not that artist hiding in the garage. You know painting crying songs and asking people hey you know. What do you think He knew he was great. He had the goods. He was prolific. He had this incredible body of work and then he was driven to come up with a unique way. You know outside of mainstream culture forget the MTV moment. 'cause I was just a great moment. But he really came up with his own Version of disseminating his art and getting it out into the world and it was very unique. So what did he do? We take cassettes. And he worked at McDonalds and put them you know usually a hip musician in town or cute girl and he would put that in your hamburger. French fries sack next thing. You know you gotta tape handmade tape. It's like getting a little little love letter and you pop it in and I fell my God. That's good that so that really worked. That's spread real fast. In according to people he would stand on the drag and handed out almost like a guy with a sandwich board so he did that. And then the same thing with the art you know this guy put out thousands of pieces of art and got them all the people around the world who had this art over the years and how do they get it. Well you know he would trade them Though the comic bookstore people come in and buy them and he was already a little mythical character and people picked up the real cheap. And it's got out there and spread. You didn't wait for the galleries to show up for the museum. He just put it out there. So that was Kinda brilliant and He knew how to promote you know. He would make a great handmade posters about shows and promote those kind of things and then of course you know. Wmu In hoboken. I give more credit to for really breaking Daniel on more of a national level Yeah no doubt. He conquered Austin but that body of work he did really was before he got Austin. It really was recorded in west. Virginia you know he made he made a name Austin and then. Fm YOU IN hoboken New Jersey New York broke it wide and gain. You'll didn't credible promos for that. He did a one hour radio broadcast that you know I've called it. You know the equal if not better than Orson. Welles is a war of the worlds. It's incredible and really a radio drama. Dvd I highly recommend anybody. Who hasn't what's all the bonus tracks on DVD to do it it's it's incredible radio and Wfan new blog the whole hours up and boy. What an entertaining. How radio 'CAUSE DANIELS DOING He's doing this persona that. I call Mister Showbiz you know. You really get him in overdrive promoting his own career and he's doing multiple voices and characters and overdubbed on his cassettes. And it's really something so anyway for anyone listening to this I recommend to go to the FM you blog and check it out so highly. And I want to jump in and get a play a song snippets. Who can hear some Daniel on? We're going to hear I Dan is primarily a songwriter. He's a great performer. But his songs also have this transfer ability and make great cover version. So we're GONNA do pairings where we do Danes original cover of it and this This one I one is rocket ship by Daniel Johnson. And then we'll hear Kathy McCarty version.

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