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And with that Burnley. They might have given themselves a nice chance to get some real breathing room from the relegation zone. Instead, they say they stay four points clear of Cardiff. So they do have some breathing room. But man, seven or know what would have been six points. Clear had they got in the win. That would affect even nicer for Manchester. United. I don't know. It's funny. A lot of things have by some kind of transference have become. Part of Oleg or societas Manchester. United one of them is the late comeback. The other one is the predeliction for referees to give dodgy penalties at Old Trafford. Yeah. Here's what. So Jesse Lynn guard got the first goal for United in the eighty seventh minute when he drew this penalty. This is Hendrick. Most point to this. Good this team Susuki hedging stop sorry. In in the pantheon of stupa challenges dot is not up there. He's got a hand on the shoulder. Like, that's it. It's yeah. Lindgaard is felt contact to shoulder thrown himself to the floor. Like. Excusing this like a hand on the shoulder is a legitimate reason for penalty be called. It's not there's no trip. There's no shirt pulling there's dragging down. He literally places his hand on a shoulder. That's not that's not a penalty. Now. Here's the context for this. United had twenty eight shots in the game. That's a lot. They had nine on target on the dominated like they could have scored ninety money more. But Tom Heaton stood on his head. I've no problems saying that. But the goal that ultimately brings them back into it is never a penalty. Yeah. Here's Sean Dyche afterwards who actually took it fairly. Well, do it. Well, I kind of want to actually have him speak on this one. Is that? Okay. I've really hurt you. Okay. You know, I mean. Touch on the shelter and you go down, but that's gonna change it up every week. And nice more about the guy a thing a foreign sees lightly. I think that the willing to disarm dementia is grabbing on the very place with them. But if I was to put my hand on your shoulder, you wouldn't full to the flu. I think unlikely I think is very unlikely if but that's the modern guy everyone seems to think successful seem what's happening in the guy. No questions so full I'll have to go. Well, Sean, we're here, and we are questioned. Yeah. You look at some players Mohammed Al as well. On the way, they go down there. And I think of show I think of Sean Dyche Ovar dis Wella should into that. There's lots whole the whole they know that this is not a national thing or even a cultural thing anymore. But I think Sean dykes from his player who was like a journeyman old pro down the divisions. And he is so reserved in what he would have done had been done on the field beside him. What will we have heard from him in that case? Oh jaunt in oh in game on game day. Tell you something you go down. Again, throw your stand. Both pretty raw. But it's also dice with a bit of a northern accent. But it was so angry. He turned into Yorkshireman. Yeah. Yes. So it's it's so interesting here dicey. So polite about but. Yeah. United United good value to to pull themselves back into that one on. I suppose, and they did just that looking at it right now just to recap how the top of the table looks Liverpool. Hold a five point lead currently over Manchester City and in the top four right now Tottenham on fifty four points than in fourth places arsenal with forty seven Chelsea with forty seven and United with forty five. So there's an interesting battle developing between those three mainly right now arsenal Chelsea and United for that that fourth spot a couple other things that I did want to mention Wilfred Zola scored a goal today for Crystal Palace. But then in the eighty seventh minute was sent off he had a he was angry with the referee after a tackle from James ward Prowse, and then he was given a yellow card for that. And then he sarcastically clapped to the referee after in front of him..

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