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I really can't I had. I had a few things that fell through. You know a ball to figure Thought I could flip it for a modest profit and I couldn't and I was stuck with a figure I didn't bother need And then I've basically their head to just break even at some point or is still in a box somewhere? We're almost the rainmakers fit into this. Yes okay yes I did. I didn't ask you that. Yeah I understand again. I did find at the time. The rainmakers were still fairly scarce at the time and I did find a say it at for retail at target and I was asking about fifteen dollars more than retail because I was trying to get just enough bit of across it to make the refrigerator gifts it a little bit more in line. You know just trying to knock the price down a little bit because I was paying more for the yet but I was still selling them cheaper than what most places online. We're selling them for. They were selling them for one hundred twenty two one hundred fifty and I was asking like a hundred bucks so I mean yeah by the way Don thank you for hooking up me and Matt both with rainmaker set that cost. They know pry fair thing to add here as much as we make jokes about you in that rainmaker set trying to flip this right but I figured I don't mind helping anybody find anything if I can but as also the fact that if I'm if I'm selling something cheaper than everybody else's selling it and I'm being up front about it I would like to thank you know I'm trying to be honest about it. You know I wasn't trying to do. Nobody was just like if I can make twelve thirteen bucks on the set. Then that makes my refractory gift set more costs a little bit less may is more retail cost so you is back to the question at hand like I would like to an example of of you can think of a don steele. Probably that would be impeached. Seven eleven optimus but because I was able to use Ebay a coupon code. That was good for only one day and the seller accepting my best offer which got me the MP seven eleven that was only available at seven elevens in Japan for one hundred fifty dollars and that that was a three fifty four fifty toy. So that's probably one of the but it took a lot of finagling and also good luck to Sold my star wars at at one of the one of the last ad as they did. That wasn't the first order version to pay. Because I wanted that masterpiece. Seven eleven optimus. I just wound up getting it for cheaper than I thought. Okay we have one more question We did not make the show notes. But I like this so I'm going to. I'm going to call an audible here and make sure we get that in this month. So jared ask on the discord. Are there any recent figures or accessories? But I mean you know call one thing that you could see or would like or want to see be reissued with a better deco or extra accessories parts such as a smaller figure more weapons etc four selector. Encore the near future Well if if there's any characters left that wasn't covered in siege I would like to see some sage moles with no battle damage. Yes that would be a clean deco if if there's some characters that could get from the bye dot colonial magnus for Matt you know he wanted. He wanted the doctor. The Magnusson died doc. Loan if we could get some of these things without the battle damage again. I know what they were trying to go for sage. I understood what they were trying to do. But for the selects. I think a clean deca would be better just to give some people some options. 'cause you notice that they did take a lot of the bowel damage off as the line progressed. I mean varied. It seemed like they. They saved up above the battle damage and put it on eight faith at once for example. Yeah here's like Sorta like when they were doing powercor combines and they had all that all sparked blue on the porch is like they had plenty of blue left the movie line and they're trying to find some way to get rid of it. I like that color dog. Yeah I was just like it was on everything. It did not blend in with the rest of the toy. Jill you WANNA make the connecting point less visible. Although I think actually it was they wanted the opposite thing. They wanted the connection points to stand out on those toys right well. They half of them probably did. I have to know what was going on at Hasbro and then you know the the other half of the toys that third half of the toys. You just never saw anywhere so it didn't matter anyway right but You know I again. I think that would be a very good thing for a lot of people because there's a lot of deck oes that you can get other characters. I love it but they would wanNA play as a as a more of a clean deco versus that encore so much in encore. That could be done from the past. Both G one mobile's I think all of us here would like to see. Okay I don't know how affordable beyond the hell would sale Omega supreme as a mega him all a I mean I'm just saying example That would be something they would be. That would be a good like DC. We'll see what's going on. That could be a really weird you know but great mean a convention exclusive same note to. I mean for g one encore stuff like Scorpion knocking black. Eric would be a perfect thing to throw out there. Yeah I would like to see them. Reissue blacks Eric. Even if it is just the G. One Mole. Because I don't think we're we've not seen any titans redone except basically grand maximus from fortress Maximus in Japan other than that. There's not been a real re-use of these titans molded. The big hundred toys so encore recently has been more about doing stuff from like the beast era and they're about so like in that capacity of toys. What would you most want to see? Come back as an encore toy with better. Qc Than God fire convoy Black Arachnophobia. As our see as an image to the con- toy used to like with a with a distinctly different Deco-. That certainly wouldn't be out of the question right. Yeah that would be. That'd be the first thing I would think of For people that would like the Matron Mo the first negative mold you can go with t rex again. That's a very a very out of the way mobile you can do that One more Think you're see they've done they've done. Primal is burning convoy. I guess I guess if they did that. With you. Know Lio convoy. They can make him into Galvan convoy in those dark purples and and blacks and stuff which would be a very interesting with the mold. We could a few tweaks but that could be a very interesting. That mold my choice for this for the encore would be to follow suit with the Micron Macron and the Blue Big convoy and get Leo Conroy. But in those lucky draw colors we saw from the bar event last year yes in black and red. Yep I remember that that would virk. Okay so we're running to what I want to go through the Bison hold pretty quick so we can get adequate attention leaving money on the table before we wrap up for this month so our first buy sell hold toys with gold plastic old gold plastic or new gold plastic. You know I don't. I don't yet trusts that. New Gold Plastic is going to be any better in the long run than old gold plastic. So let's just all assume is the same thing. Okay it depends on how much you like to character. If it's if it's a character that you like hold onto it until something better comes along that does not have those issues If if it's something that you've got let's say you bought one on card and you don't like it and you. It's not something that you really wanted to do. And you know it's not dust in the package You know 'cause you know back in the eighties. They hit a lot of really bad plastic quality. We go go blast syndrome so I would say if you if not fair you have an attachment four and you really don't care go ahead and get rid of it before it does break. 'cause maybe someone out there needs that figure intact. Say You got to G to G to slingshot that still intact on the card. There are people like Brian who need a new G. to slingshot because they were pain. Yeah it's I mean it's it's still schrodinger toy because you don't know if it's still broken the package or not but you can at least have you can at least have one. That looks like it's in good shape and not Apollo dust and if someone else needs it and you don't want go ahead go ahead and sell it but if it's a character you might like say you love razor beast and you have randy from the Japanese line yet. Don't take him out the package. Don't touch him hold onto him until something else has told me. He gets his masterpiece. Figure or encore or is encore. And then go from there. So John De Luna. Why don't you throw it our next buy sell? Hold go mind if I do. I like this one by seller hold packaging. That's a terrible question to ask me. That's a terrible question because I just bought two reaction figures for the packaging on the wall about optimism magnetron just put them on the wall for the packaging. I would think that again. It's going to be specific because when generations universe classics I came out. I was buying two of everything because I love the packaging. I love design. I Love the art work. I had even on my old photo bucket album. I came to get it now. I had all the stuff on card on the wall because I love that. Packaging the trade dress. Everything about that. I loved but as time went on. I sold my duplicates. I kept my loose wins on the shelf I have bought figures just for the packaging. the reaction figures. I Been Bongo bots again go. I've already got but I want them on the card because the card art is something speaks to me But if it's if it's a common figure like let's say you go out and you buy Studio Series Cock Man. It's a safe bet that you don't need the packaging for him because he's not going to be up he's he's not going to be shooting up in value for some reason so go ahead and trash it just want to keep the stand for display. That comes with US studio series figures but if this art is something unique like say for example Netflix. Ultra Magnus. It's it's basically a gigantic blonde box. You might want to keep it for resale value if you wind up not liking the figure or if you like it is. The packaging itself is kind of unique. There's also a blind box basically so if you don't need it and you can just recycle it. Go ahead and do that. It's it's very characters specific. I think for what you want your collection. I think you hit pretty good distinction in here too. Though like a lot of time like vintage stuff that you can get that you get with the packaging. Yeah you're going to keep that packaging modern stuff. There's almost no reason to keep the packaging with that unless you've got like packaging variant or it's like I've got I've got I've got a second optimus primal transmittal because it's the pink when the chrome was running a little more on the pink side that Gary Chalk signed. Oh okay yeah then we. Yeah but I'm just saying if I had wound up buying a second optimus primal because mine broke and it was just a regular blue monkey..

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