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They acquired from Vancouver Vancouver's captain for a record a record some of of money. And this is a guy who is at the height not just his personal game. But he's at the height of the game anywhere in the world. He scored a goal at the World Cup. Just this past summer. I mean, you talk about prominent players only the best in the world are going to the World Cup and scoring a goal. So that's what this guy. That's what he's been up to lately. In general. The Pat what what is the roster in Emma's made up benefit? Is it young guys? I've been I've been told that you know, MLS is a lot of times it's guys that you know, we're in the Premier League, and there maybe they've kind of gone into more of the twilight of their careers. They come over here is that the majority or some of these younger guys like the the the guy from New York. We just got twenty year old guy. Yes. I would say it's a mix. There's one of the rules about MLS. That is interesting and equal equal parts. Frustrating. I think is that there are only eight spots for international players now. Those are movable commodities. You can acquire more trade for more trade the way. But generally, you know, you're going to be talking about American players that played collegiately here in the United States. And then, yeah, if you want to go out and get a big name, someone who could sell t shirts and jerseys lick a lot of teams do FC Cincinnati could go that route. What I understand is that they've been looking at players who like the player they acquired from Vancouver Canada at the height of their game. And you're up right now, and they're not aging out of soccer their bodies can still hack it. So, you know, dislike in baseball. You like to see a mix of all these components that we're talking about. You want a little bit of you. You want your locker room guys most of which are going to be Americans. Do you want to be bringing some young players lawn? And then you want the international experience guys, you can have a cool head and on the biggest stages. So there's no, right. There's no one right way to go about it. And I think FC Cincinnati is definitely the have that mix of young all experienced and international this coming season. I with that, Pat. We'll let you go, man. I'm sure we're gonna be talking to you a lot more here. The next in the very near future. Yeah. I'll look forward to it fellas path. Thanks, buddy. All right talk to you again. See I'm assuming a new beat guy for FC Cincinnati from the acquire Pat Brennan. Yeah. I again, I like the fact that it's it's the salary cap money because you know, you get the sense that, you know, won't you can kind of get up to speed a little bit faster. That's what happens with the reds. You know, they they try to trade for somebody. And then, you know, the Washington nationals come in and plop down what's gonna say. Like the figures. And you're like what what do we do whatever New York team L team? I gives talking about you could hire all of Manchester United to play for you. And right Cincinnati, right? Rob you seemed like a soccer guide. You know, a lot about soccer..

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