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That there would be much more opportunity to use that money to further develop and move the city forward now that comes at the same time when we don't know yet if the mayor elect is really going to get rid of the red light and speeding cameras which she talked so much about during the campaign because that'd be millions of dollars coming out of the budget maybe that would be dependent upon getting more of this money coming in and actually collecting all of the taxes fees due to the city she also talks about you know plans related to the criminal justice system and she spent a long time in baton rouge dealing with domestic abuse domestic violence and a number of criminal justice peripheral issues that were very very important i think she brings an important perspective to this and trying to build collaboration on these issues we'll be right back got to get to a break as this continues on and we'll be bringing you the inaugural address of mayor elect latoya cantrell cbs news update molten lava twenty six homes on the big island of hawaii seventeen hundred residents remain evacuated one of them is steve clap i don't really know that our house is still there but i from the photographs are houses only house in the neighborhood has got a red roof and i seen that roof a couple of times many of them are staying at red cross shelters like the one where karen kenney is volunteering a hotel room you can't get rentals so the shelters pretty much all they have fishers continue to open up on the flank of the volcano cbs carter evans watching them when he's fissures opened up it happens very fast i it's team and then the red lava starts bubbling up if there's a lot of gases in there which is often the case it explodes violently blowing lava up to two hundred feet in the air volcano experts say there is no way to know how long killer whale will continue to erupt cbs news update i'm jim taylor from our jefferson financial federal credit union studios now serving orleans jefferson and st tammany h w wwl first news and good morning i'm david blake with the headline news update on your official weather station wwl am fm.

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