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Their appeal from what from alliance in December people still plays with Robert used to play with which was same here I just listened to his autobiography with summer yeah yeah it's great Robert berry it's going to be on the show a couple. he's come back same day great Kim is gonna we're gonna have a muscle wow yeah oil wrestling. right here make sure you Facebook live that of the great but the Robert is going to be in in concert here and in October all right and we'll have all the details for that and much much more. in in I needed to make a correction it's not second act players dot org its second act players dot com. so if you wanna hear only talking talking dirty on. yeah a second player stuck out com well for the new place that's a great step it's. I want to go so bad. if there is one rule in writing apart from there are no rules given that a given they have to write what you know Linda temple knows the airline biz aviation communication which I've got right here in front of me strategy messages for ensuring success in preventing failures made me laugh. especially after fifteen years in the airlines and working with the service had a German over here mark shoe for for a number of years in in Germany fully. this could almost be a comedy book it could be. give me a chance you got an airline stuff and throw a few shots of the astounding ignorance and tragic mistakes airlines making communicating in today's dynamic international marketplace and that is not just today that's been going on forever Linda Kaplan that's right that's right thank you billing Kerry for having me here thanks for thanks for being here and let me just tell you this story because I know you've got a lot in your nearby this is this is a a a pretty incredible books so and I'm gonna be I'm gonna be having some fun with this. September eleventh happens and I'm working I'm working at o'hare and obviously that froze up the whole the whole craziness of that's when TSA started roughly but they were having their having everybody flight crews ground crews flight attendants office but everybody was going through had to go through the the the front the front gates the front security the gate so you so they have to buses from the parking lot all the way around and there'd be there be police standing by the bosses to make sure that no one wandered away and we all went single or double file into the terminal so that we can go through the security screener crazy insane. after after two days of this then. the political and economic ramifications of it started to hit home the ladies and a myriad of things and then the man the calls for the calls for for subsidies to to the airlines blind subsidies massive subsidies to the airlines to protect their profits after September eleventh. I'm standing in line with all of my colleagues and the cameras the cameras the the news camera shop in there going up and down the line and I watched all of the people in line Baldor heads captains guys who'd been to war in Vietnam veterans who had been in combat who were who were bowing their heads and saying I want to I can talk to the media because they had they had said don't talk to the media well there was no one there from the company to intercede the employees behalf so the so so the news media's walking up and down the line and saying you have a statement you have a statement and invariably people are saying and I knew earlier that day. of the the CEO of United Airlines had made a comment that if if if we don't get money from Congress now added more and we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars and if we don't get money from Congress right now we're going to go bankrupt. the start of the stock taint when it wouldn't have it was it was the fact that that type of your responsibility in messaging that that nearly destroyed a great legacy airline here in the United States that when the camera's got to me I had already had already argued a couple of of first amendment cases so I knew what to say so when they got to me I didn't show up and and I ended up I ended up sitting in an office with a manager and Anna union rap and a supervisor and and I had to write a statement in that statement I wrote first amendment all over it and I knew exactly what to write they're going back and forth between the the the lawyers on the phone and me because this addendum in like five different networks. and and played all over the country people are calling me from all over the country yes I on the news this morning and that wasn't my intention my intention was that that a good company shouldn't be destroyed by a couple of responsible words from from anybody in the company but particularly the CEO who would who should know better that that one wrong Braff. can push or pull stock in profits and everything else and ultimately that translates into people's pensions and you know their wages and insurance and kids going to college and mortgages and and all those things so that there are greater ramifications than that so when I was reading when I was when I was reading about your book. that was in the back of my mind the entire time there is a classic example in the book chapter nine and it's more recent and I'm sure everybody will remember at it's B. P. and you remember how the CEO was cut out and one statement that he said I just like my life back. and that statement triggered the emotional audience and the emotional audience triggers the political audience right and boom. he is still making up for that you know you know that reminds me of and because we got we got a European here who's flaunting is his and this is his his better social insurance and we have in this country but is flying all over the world and then the long right well he knows socialism is being touted. like jamming. but what that reminds me of a few years back cope coca Cola got a number of people sick in Europe and and the the local manager in Europe made a comment and he was an American. when when it became a big news story he said I'm going to buy everybody in Europe a coke and and that man nearly that nearly destroyed coca Cola in because sales plummeted because everybody in in in Europe thought he's being a smart **** here in the United States if you so that everybody goes away my colors like coke right. it's not it's not only understanding your your audience and not understanding your environment and and the people that you're gonna is gonna be speaking to and that's critical. well there's something to understand about the media print media is a business electronic media is entertainment and journalism as a class people taking college and that one little statement is entertaining. and so that makes the top of the news and some people understand that so they'll say the one key thing that that will make the top of the news and everything I'm by. yeah the sound bite okay so you have to be very careful what you say and the messages for aviation are all noon. so it doesn't matter what happens the messages can be pre written before anything happens. so you never get caught out if you know what. the important thing is there's one example comes to mind happened a few years ago it was the it was the gentleman who I believe was see the suffering from schizophrenia or depression a Lufthansa flight that flew the flu the aircraft into a flight attendants mountain the the pilot right now Germanwings German but but they they came out and we're very we're very we're very contrite and very honest role right off the bat but they also they also were very minimalistic in the messaging and let the and let the investigators and the government to do the majority of of the talking but here's the problem that was made the CEO came out and when he came out to answer questions and you never grow to answer questions. you know they're they're there to hear what you have to say it's a one hundred degree eighty degree philosophy change and when they asked him about the medical records of the pilot he discussed in this community and this was a German accident in France. and the difference is that in France it's from day one a criminal investigation and it's never going to be the airline that announces what did or didn't happen so they're six causes for crash five of them are aviation events one of them is law enforcement yeah and this was a law enforcement event and it was going to be the investigators to announce what did or didn't happen so he made that mistake and live talents at the time was really involved with labor negotiations with their pilots and what audience that's a party to the event would you piss off by talking about medical records of employees and under what circumstances is it appropriate for any CEO to talk about medical records of employees in a public arena here's here's where I come from all I want I want clarity and I want I want the. I want transparency in it and I want the truth I don't I don't want to spend however I am I understand that there are there are different there are different ways honesty can be communicated but they're also there as you said with it within that within a criminal investigation there are. there are stages or levels to go through in a time period. when you don't know. then you you wait for the facts to emerge and then and then speak about them there's a formula in the book it's called the four point formula and companies that have used it they always get critique great it's a safety net it's the ultimate safety net for this kind of a scenario and it also works in a scenario with a lawsuit like let's say it's a workplace situation with a sexual harassment case okay so there's it's call it's humanize make yourself part of the process deferred to the experts and then give the facts and the one thing he would have said would be first of all you know as an operator we're one small part of a larger investigation team this being handled by the investigators so for the sake of accuracy you're going to want to speak to that that's any company's safety net we're we're talking with Linda temple in her book is aviation communication strategy messages for ensuring success and preventing failures yes there's an art angle we'll get to that right after the stick around..

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