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Touchdowns yes that straight for clan. Because he's got a few more Follow receptions versus one ingram. Ingram has trained exceptions. So we'll really look at that. The actually got really similar numbers per game so clowney averages two pointers only tackles a game. You assisted tackles. Ingram's is two point three and eight zero point. Eight assisted tackles as well. They both have the same Average sacks per game the same forced fumbles the same fumble recoveries from that perspective and then interceptions. It is incredibly Deb at in ingram is slightly ahead still so when we look at it. We're getting more experienced player. We're getting play with more proven performance talking that a couple of hundred thousand dollars worth of difference in deal and i just think when we really look at that. Think about her one because we hear a lot of targeting. The season italian association of the cleveland browns. And how great. They are going to be the twenty twenty one season. Will you acquisitions today. Speak to that. And i think some of the draw beaks potentially speak to that. But i think it's just really important when we're looking at a guy like novyny ingram and what he's gonna bring to this. Pittsburgh steelers tamed. Because this is one example. Where the where the pittsburgh a truly. I think as i said before tooling up for a i taught run. I do. These are the sorts of positions that do it and when i think about a guy like chaz grain as well that reporting that attacking position now aleve disown mike philly betas colleagues really analyzed that acquisition but. I'm happy with that on the happy with that shows that that has rank. Happy about what it means to this. Pittsburgh steelers teammates depth at the tackle position. I mean i'm not confident in jarrow hike You know. I think they will have to give these grant botanist. They they may will keep them on the roasted. He's competition. what if troops goes down in the in the training camp God forbid rise to injury but what effect younger is down again for that. For that matter we need guys gonna really step up We guys have depth. You know from opposition in At a different positions. So i think that's really the k. K. pot from some of these acquisitions may and i think it's really exciting to see what else happens. The other knees the could break by the time. You know obviously On the nosing. You you know that. The accident i recall. Would you know in the future corps quote on my wednesday night. A try and get Often quite white lights give you the latest. And you know. I know for instance all finishes recording in the next twenty five thirty minutes in go through the pre-production nardone last night before it goes to to brian in jeff To get onto a different Bob podcast channels which available. Of course any mukasey. Listen to Platform you prefer spotify. Appalachians pandora luminary Withdraws from the website with their soundcloud. Our apartment meese one Star stitch-up stitcher. That's one. I missed that one From that perspective when one that goes live there could be some breaking news. Still has been walser. Brooms lost twenty four hours in. I think the big thing is so lost. Twenty four hours known. Pittsburgh steelers related was can ache is The second year running back out of la as actually torn achilles out for twenty twenty one. Benny snell is a subtle play. The pittsburgh could try to them now. Want number one. You're gonna go will map knees probably worth a sikhs or the worst. Your best case a fourth round pick but you go to play his there. The title of the show You're has safety unit. Yes we've got safety from the safety. Net that melvin. Ingram brings to the to the depth in the poss rush Room but safety is interesting for the pittsburgh steelers. We'd terrell edmonds coming off contract and so in pot two which would begin. Eero break shortly pot. We're gonna talk about safeties. But on that i could definitely say a situation whereby the pittsburgh steelers delay trade they do a trade with the la rams and this report is that i really think that the rams would be open to trading which would qua- connelly fit nuts. Terrell budges You know he's gonna cap number. Just started ra- million this year salary cap numbers. Eight hundred fourteen thousand and the all the player is jordan fulla who's also on Just over eight hundred thousand now. Jordan full is more of a free safety. Terrell budget's more of a strong safety. But you don't comply He's probably hall Than a water strong safeties and the two players that actually really. I really like You know as it a bit more fan of terrell budget than he could do more in our defense maybe more versatile but it is an interesting one for the froze steelers fans to consider that they could be a trade That helps us get younger. Different positions Tyrrell burgess is a twelve round pick jordan full as a seeks round pagan. Turn on draft You know they. They both play above a over the cap valuation which is based on paying half numbers but When it comes to budge is he signed through the twenty twenty three season. I think fulla sign through to spend twenty four. So the stills can buy basically some depth to that saved with young guys that are actually pretty good. When it comes.

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