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Like that. Right now, it was it was a huge undertaking. How would you have enough oxygen? Well, as as you would know that that's that's the on what you could do on a on a tank to tanks, even the three tanks that they were taking in. So each of the divers had three three tanks strapped to them. And they positioned spit tanks along the way to to replenish supplies. How could they find them? They had systems worked out they had different spots that had been sort of marked that they knew where that would be had a system of mocking the tanks with different colors, which ones were full and empty at some point in the rescue. They had like Kim lots those sort of low in the dock low sixties snap. They they come to life. They had those touch to the tanks that would let them up in green Allred for for twelve hours. The drivers would know which thanks Aaron them and which were empty now. The ordeal, of course, will be how do you get a kid who doesn't know how to be a scuba diver who can't breathe who's never had a mask on most of them? How do you get him for five hours to breathe this tank without panicking going crazy and getting him out with the diver? And of course, this is where your story in your book has made it all around the world. It's all over the the the media today that these kids were sedated tell us about that. That's right. The sedation of the boys was something that was absolutely necessary for this a lot of it just couldn't have happened. Otherwise, they would have woken up would have panicked along the way and put their own lives in danger, and possibly they're rescued operas. Well, so a decision was made at the time very secretly for an Australian anesthesiologist who is also an expert cave. Diver one of only two people in the world who has that skill set went in and. With the boys to sleep using a powerful sedative cold ketamine. He also gave them a couple of other things to help that process. So before the kid of Maine was injected into the boys league, he was given a an anti anxiety drug a business by the brand name zanex that would calm him down would walk him down to the water's edge. Boy would sit in Dr Harry, Dr Richard Harris as lap and talk to Harry would give an injection into his leg of ketamine to put him to sleep an injection into these other leg of an anti saliva agent. So while he was unconscious. He wouldn't rule into the mosque and therefore create another drowning hesitant suffocate. So are you saying that they pull these kids through for five hours? And they were knocked out. They were knocked out. None of the boys. Remember, anything factual of the of the escape at all. But one of the my car. Heart-stopping things I think all of the rescue and of the sedation process was that the the rescue was gonna take ours is gonna take about three hours to get to camp three which is sort of where all the diving the diving part of it and during that process, the the kid of Maine would only last for about an hour. So each of the boys would have to be revised life, so each of the the British recovery divers, the the dog is actually took one boy H and one of the time out each of those expert divers had a little pouch with a preloaded syringe of Kidman separate from its needle and at various stages they had to readmits to that. And most of the time this was done at various stations that was set up and there were other dive instructors had volunteered to be there to help them. But on at least one occasion with Jason Nelson. He's boy WorldCom flow in the water while they were in a part of the tunnel kinda which had no mighty banks on the side. So he was forced to just hold the boys. Best he could fumble around with his other hand to get these reloaded ketamine syringes out and trying readmits to that through the wet suit. And he describes it either very calm, man. He's a he's a stiff upper lip British guy. He doesn't sort the too much or exaggerate anything. And he said, it was a it was a pretty notice moment with syringes and wrap is floating around in the water and the tunnel. These divers were heroes. Absolutely. Yeah. There there are certain breed. People who go cave diving for fun, generally has a certain kind of character. They're very careful there often extremely good at what they do professionally and the rest of their loss. They're very sober. Guys who don't react emotionally to things generally speaking because that sort of reaction, of course, can kill you. So these kids were knocked out with the breathing respirator in their mouth. What would keep them to the full face? The.

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