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Kind of like Abraham Lincoln. I could never tell a lie, right? And so they asked coach Dungey, hey, you know, what would you do if you were playing defense against Peyton? And you kind of think you'd say, hey, you know, I'm his head coach. I'm not going to answer that. Instead, he's like, oh no, you've got to mix it up every single play. You can't play the same defense two plays in a row. You alive. And I'm like, coach, what are you doing? He's like, well, true. It's true. I mean, you know, like, you know, mix it up every single play. And so defense is like started listening. And so on first down, they play this defense, Sega down something totally different. Third down, they bring in some guys for third down only played entirely new defense. And so I guess he was just challenging his players, but as the word got out that we did a lot of no huddle that we caught a lot of plays at the line of scrimmage, defenses started doing more disguising before the snap, waiting to the last few seconds. And so I don't think you can over prepare. I think you can, at some point, say, hey, I've seen enough film, the haze and the barn. It's time to go out and play and react, like you said, to what the defense is doing, knowing that they're studying the film as well. And they're going to have some different wrinkles. But I guess my biggest fear was that all the years I was playing, I remember one time in my third NFL season, we played a team, and we hit them with a blitz in the fourth quarter and the quarterback for the other team came out and said, yeah, that was a new blitz. That the coach just put in, and he was wrong. We had run that blitz, but we'd run it in the preseason earlier that year. And he had not gone back that far to watch that film. And I just remember saying that is not going to happen to me. They are not going to hit me with a blitz that they have shown before during the season because I'm going to have watched that. Now they have something totally new they come up with that's fair game, but I think that's kind of where that film preparation came from. So talking about your legacy, I don't know if you probably do realize this, but one part of your legacy is that you give hope to every team that drafts a quarterback that throws a bunch of interceptions their rookie year. Not everyone has Peyton Manning, but your rookie year you threw 28 interceptions. I don't know if you realize this, but every, that comes up constantly where it's like, well, look at Peyton Manning's rookie year. Even though you were everyone kind of figured you were gonna figure it out, but was that rookie year, like was it just, was it was the step up just that much more difficult and do you realize that you have given every fan base hope whenever they're, you know, high draft pick, states right away. And they're like, well, maybe he'll be Peyton Manning. Yeah, I would like to get that one off my resume. I appreciate you guys not mentioning that in that nice intro that you have those other accolades, but if Trevor Lawrence wants to break that this year, I am for it. And the truth is there's a number of quarterbacks that would have broken it, including my brother, Eli, but you gotta be a 16 game starter to do it, right? And so like Eli, like they made him wait, ten games. They finally put a man. He got off to a hot start. We only had 6 games. You know, you can't throw 28 and 6 games. And now these quarterbacks, if they struggle early, what do they do? They take them out and get them out of the game. I go, no, no, no, leave him in there. Learn, okay? That's the only way to break this record. And so, yeah, you know, I was asking, we have a football camp in Louisiana for high school quarterbacks and receivers. And we have college players come in and serve as counselors. So Eli and I were doing a little Q&A with the college players and they were kind of saying what was one thing if you could do over again as a rookie, what would it be? And I think my answer was to don't under respect the NFL, but don't over respect it as well. I think I gave it too much respect as to how fast everybody was, how big they were going to be. And I just played so fast. I spent my game up, my feet were moving a thousand miles an hour. I was making these quick decisions without actually reading the coverage. And I think there's a fine line between look, they're going to be bigger. They're going to be faster, but they're still doing a lot of the same things that you did in college and find that happy medium. It just took me a long time to find it, Steve Young told me during our game against the forty-niners that season, he said, Peyton, the game's going to slow down eventually. Trust me, it's going to slow down. And he was exactly right. He just took a little while. It took 28 interceptions. But because I did stay in every game, I learned a lot about NFL that season. And we went from three and 13 to 13 and three, the next year, I don't think that would have happened, had I not struggled, had I not played all 16 games. So I'm a believer in putting those guys in right away. Put Wilson in, put Lawrence and let him play, let him see how fast these defects are. They're going to figure it out.

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