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Visit Slovenia dash automotive dot com to find your perfect bald find any other real for talk radio succeeds WZZM well this morning we touched a record from nineteen eleven and getting down to twenty two degrees at its heart of winter kind of cold thanks we will be quite that cold tonight was still solidly below freezing of twenty eight no records of tonight partly cloudy Thursday forty eight in mid thirties Thursday night I mean urologist Scolari more from the weather channel for talk forty six A. W. C. now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio six CD W. CBM and W. C. B. M. dot com good afternoon at five thirty one I'm Michael Phillip belly in the six eighty W. C. B. Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour brought to you by a E. S. builder and home improvements call one eight hundred seven eight seven S. A. V. E. or online at eighty as home dot U. S. city police investigating a shooting in southwest Baltimore in Palermo Avenue around six forty five last evening a nineteen year old with a gunshot wound to his arm hospitalized in good condition a sixty seven year old man died from injuries he suffered in the middle river house fire yesterday in the unit block of contact court group found Richard forest Brady in the living room where investigators believe the fire started it's twenty years behind bars for a Pasadena man who killed two people in a wrong way crash on route fifty in Annapolis in September of last year Terence almond struck a man and a woman riding an oncoming motorcycle originally Avenue he pled guilty to negligent manslaughter two months ago police say someone was drunk at the time an FBI release list forty nine hate crimes reported last year in Maryland sixteen a Montgomery County and around the county was six three in Baltimore county more than half of the victims targeted because of their race or ethnicity eighteen percent were targeted because of their religion and about sixteen percent because of their sexual orientation thirty seven degrees of the inner harbor in downtown Baltimore thirty five of B. W. Y. reporting at five thirty two I'm Michael philatelic six eighty W. CBM news when we talk about builders and home improvement companies you can search and search hoping that the one you call will be the right one will go no farther than he has builder and home improvements two months into his family of employees know how to give you exam for your service on any project you may have and speaking of projects to Munson introduces the customer's choice project choose your home improvement project be it windows bathrooms kitchens roofing or additions and save up to twenty five percent off the cost of the project up to twenty five hundred dollars this offer now until December fifteenth Jackie rights thank you all for far exceeding our expectations Dennis right thank you for signing a person of high caliber to this physically and technically demanding renovation these Meryl there's have experienced Tim's heartbeat when we're done you'll be happy if you're not happy we're not done call one eight hundred seventy seven seventy to eighty three or on the weather he S. home dot U. S. call today and save up to twenty five hundred dollars screams store Friday savings start Sam song four K. TV's are huge eighty two instead of fifty eight one nineteen ninety nine screen store the big screen store things start no prices guaranteed through Black Friday so why wait if the price drops for Black Friday we'll refund the difference.

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