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Fuck. The crack the smile yet. He's just sitting there. I got. About it. While you guys are saying are what people the closest to me say on a regular basis. I get it a lot. I don't understand why we can't tell what's yet. No one. I don't know. I try to be as obvious as possible. But people still can't tell were important character. No. But I think I unintentionally just come across as a care. Well, because it's like if you left the room for like half an hour be like where he going. Oh, I met some people as in their room for like twenty minutes. What? And yeah. Yes. Like that answer. What is that? Do you want me to elaborate? I mean, I would prefer not to I told Rudy. He interviewed me. I. I'm gonna leave everything open to interpretation and I'm gonna make like a contest and today's April first, right? Weird. May I our announce everything that happened? And I'm gonna get was everything real. Not everything was real. So when there's people in your room that happened that happened. How many like I said, I'm not gonna say the details yet there are people in my room, and I was in other people's room. But that's all I'm giving away. I mean, it was a lot of this the whole weekend. How are you? Where'd you go? Our you guys brainstorm folks left on Friday night club. Where did you go? Yeah. That was that was one of like. The character moments. No, no. By that you very drunk and like sleeping at the club. Was that an act? I was nodding off a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. On alcohol right here exhaustion, 'cause I got like two hours of sleep or night before that was real what time was like two thirty Calvin Harris was killing it you were killing it. Yep. We're equally drunk everybody. I did later all over the past. Right. You are equal maybe more drunk. Yes. Just showed it in different ways. You were. I thought you would trunk our fucked up going to dinner I asked him like you fucked up KB. No not. But I thought you were. No, I wasn't right. Sober dinner. Great. That was a great was it catch great food. This. It was it was a lot of my brain is exhausted from this four minutes and the biggest factors outside of seeing him. And being with him. We spent once on exile Taylor hotel. We didn't see him a lot and knowing there's literally no way to know what he did outside. What he says? He did what you just meet a lot of people. That was tough for me. Getting the boot like getting no, how are you? Now you in the beginning. I don't know if you did you watch back our conversation, the one that I was recording the one that's on Twitter. Yeah. The one that you immediately made public, right? Yes. I washed it immediately. And I watched it like seven times more. Okay. So you are very clear like I don't want us to be like my reputation. Yeah. I said that it is now clear that. Keira is now clear that will be part of the legend of KB or whatever. Are you just fine with it? Now seems like you've been funny and handle it. Well, I thought. It's it's a big part of my life. Obviously it wasn't the most ideal situation. Dealing never seen him since camera the way, Jim. Jim in the off. People carry on. We look is looking directly at Rudy. Holy rudy. If this gets posted, I don't want my side view. You know? If you're filming me, I wanna know for sure. Does I wanna nunciate my statements? Yeah. I'm not used to being filmed throws me off. When Frankie was doing in the hotel room. He was doing very discreetly. And he was good at it with the iphone Rudy is in my face with that. What was my question? I don't know who knows that. I want to know about the Josh shirt. What what is the and then the rest of the outfit was that plan not planned or we're not gonna know till may I posted a blog probably like an hour ago. Put again, very a detailing the whole out of choice. Total. I I didn't what did you say. I I read it, and I was still confused. So when I found out I was going to Vegas, maybe like in a day later, I- preplanned all my outfits for each day. I went through my entire wardrobe closet. My jurors had my grandma do the laundry because she had she's fucked up some things, and I made sure I had an outfit for each day. So the first day the biggest day Thursday, when I meet Dave meet, you know, you meet Frankie meet guys, and it's like my coming out day. So I need a good outfit, and I picked it out, and I had my best jeans one of my favorite shirts, and one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

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