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A candidate for the twenty twenty democratic ticket and begins three days. Swing through Iowa today less than a year before the state's nominating caucuses Senate votes today in the resolution blocking president fronts declaration of a national emergency of the southern border. Several Republicans expected to join Democrats in voting to reject the offer five people three other young children killed in a house fire Wednesday morning in the town of Sheffield. Just over the Connecticut bordering Berkshire county. No word yet on the cause. WGN news time nine thirty two. Next update at ten. I'm Mike Patrick Glenn Beck program. Continues in four minutes on NewsRadio eight ten little three one WJ y the capital region's. Breaking news, traffic and weather station. Your morning Expresso starts right here. It's the Sean Hannity morning. He's people and their track. Markets are atrocious. Their political Weisman is at the victory party Hillary on election night. They are not objective fair. Prosecutors, but I'm beginning to wonder because people that say, they know Muller has an incredible life background and experience marine Semper fi served his country went into private practice. Hated it went back to being a DA again because he loves it. I love law enforcement people. I wonder if the some people that tell me I'm wrong about him. Well, I don't think I am. I wonder if he is paid attention to all of this abuse of power. I wonder if his fidelity to the law is real. Sean Hannity show from coast to coast later today. You know, there are more than thirty four million American smokers. I bet that finding a satisfying alternative to cigarettes is at the top of your list. If you're a smoker, look I've been there before but after many years of smoking, I finally made the switch to jewel as no more worrying about the way, my clothes smell worrying about what people are gonna say what you'll everything is so much easier. Now, Joel is a vaporizer that contains nicotine for a satisfying transition when I found Joel it.

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