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That were me. And you did start to find the paths of some well, worn paths and new, followed them in civil them went to technical things like the pump set, ran the waterfalls all the waterfalls within my attraction. We're also powered by the sun and solar pain was just put out of sight, but they were regularly maintained to aerate water. And even from the top of the waterfalls you could see down into the the water than Mussa part of me as you well in that because the water was moving in a rating, it seemed somewhat cleaning clear, demeaning and the day. So you could see that it was teeming with life with fish in with his things fishy, which are little insect friends in. Some spots of floating algae floating plants. I don't know. You know, I, I know them, but only by personality, which is, you know, they're kind of slow moving and chill. You could see law facings law, then fish that was swimming occasionally and saying Hello to the fish. Would you get in my belly. You know, modern Dino side say we could call them agree. Yeah. And you said, okay, I've got to keep an ad for them. They don't look too friendly. Andy store to explore more notice that some of the past as they headed towards the water had wicker faints is about three feet. I and either side is that you could easily step over. You had determined, oh, that's keeps the Dyno's the modern Dyno's because they're very low and squat. They probably can't get over the since it's just bump into them. So you taught that was interesting that in follow those fast that went down to the water and you said, okay, this is where the fishing goes on, and you found equipment full fishing with lines and of going into polls. In things to get out baskets. Oh, that's easy way to get deficient these baskets. And you know you said, okay, you even found bigger bigger boom with the net and took you awhile to figure out that you realize that that was a place where those like Dino modern Dyno's a gas or a little bit deeper pool where there was fish that would go down deep and they would go visit the fish. And you said it was good. Tell boom pole and net was used. You said, oh, this is used for these Dyno's. And you started to think about how you probably had he been in your belly? Possibly. And even some of the birds you realized that you were in a wash your area. He said, oh, okay, this is. This, and you can't appreciate it. He said, I felt that they choose sit, oh, you're giving me life, you'll providing me life in, but someone is maintaining this so that it is able to do so someone is even Ebeling it to be somewhat wild, but not totally gone wild. And then you would wait. You would read it night, but you got your bed closer to be open windows, looking out at attraction, and you would wait you sometimes you waited to to pass, and sometimes you waited up in the second floor of the queue. Looking in listening. Sometimes you would hear the birds stern nude rundown which never saw anyone. Invention. Hugh fans started finding the asional candy wrapper. And you start to get vivid frustrated. I think a bit frustrated that you hadn't at you were close, but you still hadn't seen another person as the caretaker. In all time. You'd also been kind of influenced by the book your reading, looking at my traction. Any started to find the places where the the manufactured parts of my traction. But you started to remake him with speeches from the girls of photo album. Kind of like you took the giant butterfly section. In did find the some of the wires. It made up the giant butterfly spend most of the plastics and other things at fallen off it deteriorated. But you may do some clothing new made the butterflies, they had wings. But then you took a log about your size and you designed like a young woman in dude found uniform, and you put to uniforms on the log in a safari, had on the head in you made in on pointing it butterflies, and you gave us some hair like long blonde, have the girl in the pitch. Put a smile on her face, like she was talking joke about the butterflies. Like, what do you call it? If when breakfasts, I don't know when you make breakfast to toast as wings. Butterflies, I don't know. I don't have to don't remember any of the jokes. He used to tell, I guess. And then you like made sure the falls who clicks you knew those a lot of jokes about the falls. It was a welcoming party of over this. These jokes. I don't think I'm surprised they still stood up. They said, well, you're not really welcome in our Forster jungle. Keep your boat moving. So you kind of designed to them in a simple way in they were blowing spitballs through spitball shooters. Again you to another law. Again, new designed to girl instead of being on the boats, his all my boats were gone. I don't know what had happened to them. I mean, I know there was a few so incorrect it about repair area. They weren't ever getting who'd anyway, so you it designed her and making another joke about the welcoming party in spitballs new, even put a spit ball on her face in her frowning one, half round half smile, really captured the girl from the pictures, even though you're working in logs in sticks in garbage in different things you could use in the noon affirms. It was beautiful. Then there was a camp that had been taken over by force friends and they'd kicked out the venturers in. They were using all the adventurous things in took your time to get back up, which it's at one you didn't even bother. You made it took a pitch from her camping trip with a family. And you put them all in the tent playing a game. Fully logs in oil. Young woman boy in mother and father playing board game in open tints Hindu really put a lot of work into the heads in again, I was if he like stunned in you careful about all the Dyno's in

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