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You're calling him you'll be protecting him for his first non awful fourth quarter i literally predicted last night to the point i said he's gonna come out score forty five shoot a million shots saved the day you're gonna rush to twitter and go ccc what is sustainable let me tell you what sustainable is what utah's doing utah passes utah has six different players averaging double figures they're very good late in game situationally they have an excellent head coach they have a system built around going to the open man they don't rely on any individual player though they have several nice players here's what is not sustainable praying that westbrook hit a bunch of threes he's the worst three point shooter in the league praying that rudy gobert of utah who didn't foul out a game this year gets into foul trouble like last night opening up the lane fall by twenty five at home and then praying westbrook and paul george have their hottest night in six months it's just like anything else in life a lot of people in the nba can have daya moment game what is sustainable to be great band it's what you to does they're not using heroin it's what it's what people with income and commerce they don't hang out in vegas and bell weekend what westbrook did last night's remarkable it's exactly what i predicted but that kind of basketball they had thirteen assists they don't pass it's just eyeso ball now westbrook's a hell of an ice oh player in paul george hill of an iso player better than anybody utah has an ice oh player but you're not winning a championship you're gonna win a championship next year maybe in boston good coach star players system philadelphia ben simmons elevating those system golden state haiku basketball players.

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