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Massachusetts and brand new in Boston. And some of the counselors that that want us to move fast people in their own district don't want them. So I think that you know, when it comes time to the committee meetings, and the conversations we have to be very careful on as we set these and plan these hot shoppes, very clear with them. I mean this going to happen. I'm not selling it down. What the mayor endured Chester Karyn, regal WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. Governor Charlie Baker says housing is on his priorities. Lists for twenty nineteen dot is. If lawmakers cannot get a Bill passed before the end of the year, the governor also says he plans to continue pursuing a very aggressive agenda. To try and battle the state's ongoing and widespread opioid addiction crisis. There is a chance. Tesla CEO Elon Musk. We'll be taking over the factory space abandoned recently by General Motors has more details in a sixty minutes interview that set air tonight musk tease, the possibility of tesla expanding its footprint in the United States. Currently the company's assembly factory is in Fremont, California. During the interview the Silicon Valley billionaire stress that he's unfazed by GM's restructuring and new shift toward self driving electric vehicles must said he just wants the concept of electric vehicles to be successful, regardless of if they're Tesla's are not GM announced last month. It was closing five plants in Ohio Michigan Maryland in Canada. Mosk may be looking at some of those factories to move tesla into kaslow already has plans for gigafactory three in China NFL story in Europe, but they could also use another plant in north. America. It is five forty one. Here's a sports update from Charlie version. Good morning. Last night in Chicago. The Celtics scored the first seventeen point of the night and went on to embarrass. The bulls won thirty three seventy seven the fifty six point win the largest ever in Celtic franchise history, Celts up twenty one at the half outscored the bowl sixty nine thirty four second-half Celtics have won five in a row. They'll host New Orleans tomorrow Bruins scored one in the first two in the second three in the third ended a three game slide a six three win over Toronto at the garden six different goalscorers. But most of the talk after the game Bruin defensemen, Charlie McEvoy decked in the third period by the Leafs. Zach Hyman the definition of a cheap shot personnel. And take.

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