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Get that what were motivated by telling you what we know when we know it rain is in the forecast for next week which hopefully ushers in the end of wildfire season Holly Quan for CBS news San Francisco hazardous smoke seeping in and around Australia's most populous city Sydney's iconic skyline is barely visible the result of wildfires raging across eastern and southern Australia it's been days now fire officials in New South Wales has around fifty infernos are burning in the northern part of that state Lucien levels are reading nearly ten times higher than the national standard Australia's fire season started early this year coming up next the local forecast bringing a little bit of rain sleet and snow this weekend will see live update with Dave Bowers coming up looking for traffic reports breaking news and weather is so easy just listen to BC right there on your car radio and then select ten thirty pretty easy right tell your friends about WBZ Boston news radio traffic is next your letter yeah during this this holiday season in the brand new all right twenty twenty super listen thirty that only thirty one nine ninety five or lease for only two ninety nine per month for thirty six months with thirty to forty nine signing deals with three spacious rows of seating prep to wait holiday on for in the three row all wheel drive twenty twenty starting at only thirty one nine ninety five for lease for two ninety nine per month for thirty six months with your lease or purchase during our share them other than fever will donate two hundred fifty dollars to your choice of foreign nationals for complete details find your authorized retailer visit of New England dot com Hey guys Billy Costa here Cambridge savings bank is celebrating small business Saturday in a big way with a special low rate of prime plus one percent on small business lines of credit you can visit a branch or apply online in minutes at Cambridge savings dot com slash shop small this is a special limited time offer November eighteenth.

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