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We need the poo mental illness. Oh. Hip found the founding. You're going some about piglet. Well, yes. I mean to me, he, he was always a baby pig. He was piglet. It was it was like calling, it will be like calling someone human or man, or you know person or whatever or. Yeah. Exactly. I'm not gonna post I don't want to get yelled out on Twitter. Winnie the Pooh and mental illness, Winnie. The Pooh has an eating disorder piglet has an anxiety disorder tigger has ADHD. I'll has nurse assistant personality. Rabbit has OCD. I love. Your has major depressive disorder and Christopher schizophrenia. That's the best one. We'll dislike donkey. Well, would you feel if you didn't have housing security in the hundred acre imagine them as a piglet? I just thought he was being called what he wanted a pig. Let he still think you think he's a baby pig like a child pig. Yes, he is. He's a his child on a picnic like that. You don't need all at once you might have to see now. No other folks aren't going to recognize that. No, they'd haven't listened to all the emphasis. They've been listened to the good one. All right. I'm getting tired. Let's, let's talk about star Star Wars, what I keep seeing Star Wars galaxies edge in front of me. Here we talked way too much about DisneyWorld and its management last episode and who knows how many people stopped listening to the show because of that. But we got a lot of nice feedback, but we did a couple of people we did go, where five said they would listen to more of that. I'm not going to commit to that. But we could use a little bit of Disney follow up to share. But I'm glad people like that, because, as I said to numerous people who emailed us like I'm an obsessed with DisneyWorld my whole life in different ways. You know what I mean? I as a place I had. Been to as this like Valhalla of Brandon Vaughn. Right, right. Had been there. I was really scarred. By the haunted mansion, and because I was a scared kid, but then, you know just the delight of it, and then I got a little bit older. I like kissing girls, and I learned about the sky ride and stuff like that. And but, you know, or island you could do some neck and. Island. But then, as I got older thinking about the management, so. Yeah. I thought it was people liked it and we do have some follow up. Yeah. Follow up and a lot of people and by a lot. I mean, a few either emailed me directly or tweeted to me and said that they, they would like to hear my very depressing bleak. Oh. I'm not I'm not really. Yes. I will do it, but I'm not. I won't do it today. And what I think I will do is. I will do it toward the end of, of, of a show, maybe next week show all prepare for it because I need to prepare for it. We could do after dark. We could do it as an after dark or we could do it as part of the episode. I don't know what would be better. But I want to do it in a way that, that it's very clear it would be at the if we did it as part of the regular show, I would say, okay, this is where it begins. If you're not interested in potentially ruining your in your children's childhood stop listening. Now bring the sadness. We wanna bracket that you. Yeah. Child, one of the things I notice that people said to me when they were commenting about it was. I you know, I love it, but I'd love to hear why you don't and I'm thinking, no, you, you probably don't want to hear it. Because in, in, in the same way that John Siracusa ruined NIO s for me. I am going to say it. But you're right. I don't want to ruin this for other people. And I think once you hear what I say is a very, very compelling. Unforgettable analysis of it that you will you will never look at it the same way again. And the next time that you watch Disney movie or go to a park or get a toy you will one thousand percent..

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