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Be staff accordingly to to think about virtual in order complex. Things that you're thinking about and so really really tricky. As far as thinking through the changing landscape and changing environment. But i think the nice kind of silver lining is that you know digital has really shown that it has been able to help and and be affected and some of these spaces and you think about things like rebuilding consumer confidence and helping patients and folks really understand that you know. Were safe to go back into the health system environment has been tricky and health systems across the country have really been enabling digital to help with some of those strategies. And you know that's something that we could spend a whole jazz on. And i you know i probably wouldn't be the experts at talk right. I tap of my key folks at obvious who were those. They're thinking about some of these bigger broader consumerism. Type of efforts folks like know saying the mvp and really drives all our consumerism work. At obviously i mean she's in these type of conversations with just about every system that we have and so it's tricky stuff. It's tricky stuff. Yeah but you know. Just being surrounded with people that are at the forefront of it whether it be health systems the thought leaders at your organization john or or even beyond you know some of the companies putting together some of the solutions it. That's how you get it done. What are you most excited about today. That's a really good question because again like there's lots of excited about but you know also were in the midst of a pandemic so there's a lot to be sad and concerned and confused about but i mean from my perspective. Cova has really shined light a really bright spotlight on a lot of the great work that we do at at abuja and really just the broader importance of digital. so what. what i'm most excited about is that health are not stopping. Their spending digital bekker's actually came out with a really interesting article on. They did a survey of kind of the cfo's across the country cfo's and senior leaders across the country and came back with a couple of things. So the i was you know. Only twelve percent of cfo's expect to cut or defer digital spending right and again when as we talked about in the wake of a dime right. Yeah and they're really for cash right now. Systems are very very strapped for cash and so the fact that they're not expecting to cut spending on digital is really promising and it's based and then on the flip side you know eighty one percent of cfo's and senior leaders said that there's an immediate need for digital and digital transformation for the long term survival of their so right off the bat. I mean i feel like organization is really been thinking about the imperative digital for so long and now we're really starting to see the that systems are downing in the digital space and their understanding that this is gonna be a key piece of their long-term strategy and long term survival and that's not different from any organization we just healthcare kind of you know ten twenty plus years behind and so it's exciting to actually see that that this is starting to be realized something systems and folks are acting. I mean that's that's kind of you know more more. Broadly what i'm excited about. But i mean personally. I think we've talked a little bit about this. But i just stoked to be in this role and in the in the work that i'm in at avi i mean similar use all i get to engage with and learn from some of the most amazing leaders in healthcare both on the system side right so those investors we talked about the innovation leaders and the really really sharp intelligent and experienced leaders in healthcare and on that side of the thing and those. Ceo's and entrepreneurs that are doing amazing things right and just glean all this stuff in if you ever hear our ceo and co founder. Eric lancashire speak those really talking about. He's just saying guys we get. Hey alert right. It's awesome stuff. And so i'm always joking. We live kind of dog years right where we're one year at. Avi might be seven years. You know broadly or somewhere else because we were just in the middle of so much. There's so much moving or learning so much along the way that It just gets me excited about kind of one just the space but to the incredible opportunity to be have to really make a difference in healthcare. More broadly yeah. That's so great. John and you know being in the middle of it all. You're learning a ton. And you're helping others leveraged those learnings to do even better with digital so. I mean just incredible work that you're up to their and the team is up to their. I love if you could just share closing thought with us. And then we're the listeners could reach out to you to find out more. Yeah absolutely so you know this was actually something that came across recently from one of my health system members and magana occupied blinded but the key contact there she said you guys it You help us understand two things. One were not as far behind as we think we are and to were really not as far ahead as we think we are either and like that statement just kind of suck with me and holds true in a number of spaces right most your personally and through true professionally in healthcare and other organizations and so that kind of opened my eyes to how we can really learn from each other as a network has an ecosystem and so i just wanted to leave that parting thought and then as far as getting in contact Any of your listeners can reach out to me on. My email is j. perez at at obvious dot health. Don't be shy would love to connect and you can always learn more on obviously more broadly at our website..

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