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You can throw in some wood chips in there are you can get some hickory union get some red some apple would the cool thing about the causes throw in an extra thing in there to give it a little bit war flavor is really cool gas is gas it's cooking indooroutdoor so if you have it that's fine there's ways a doctrine up your condiments to make sure that you get that extra level flavor get this murky flavored lowkey flavor but you can control it too there's nothing better than the i i wanna little low he can't turn down your charcoal now you had the way you had to get could more beers and then you had the possibly you messing up your food because you're drunk so there's a there's that alanthea's cia charcoal a iit's kingsford that's great kingsford is a great brand you probably because you're so busy you get the ones that you don't have you just now now i'm i'm a pyromaniac i like i like the eight lease has a theory therapy session have branco pat ryan i thought we your pyromaniac bobble wizard man half of all with rifah container wizard brian tulsa match ten and something invigorating about that so i give yourself you wanna look for the ashy kohl's but you don't wanna go so far to where they are breaking up so when you life the kohl's let them come up there's something called kerosene there's something called gas that's why you don't want on your food you want to burn the calls too whether nice and white where you get in around five to six hundred degrees temperature with your calls how do i know what that is ryan that's a very good question frank open thank you so much for asking you find that by stick in your hands over your caused where you're gray gray your grill great sat and you can't hold your hands above there for two or three seconds that's a good enough igniter to be able to get care moles asian on the outside of whatever you're cooking if you're looking for camels eishin and you know how barbecue and that's the my ard reaction looking for what caramel isatu it's about colocation or caramel you know what is this now this is a compromise on his way you camels motivation caramel association with his thing is this whole.

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