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Y. C in New York. It's 63 overcast out there we might see a morning shower by eight o'clock today. Mostly cloudy with a high near 74 today. Today on the Brian Lehrer Show here. A recap of the New York City comptroller debate with W. N Y. C is Bridget Bergen, who was one of the Panelists asking the questions and then later it's asked the mayor with Mayor Bill de Blasio. Coming up at 10 on 93.9 FM am May 20. W N. Y C supporters include Ticktock, presenting the awards eligible variety special gratitude. The Tiktok musical from executive producers Jeremy Oh Harris, Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley. Now available at gratitude. Sickle dot com This is w N. Y C. 93.9 FM and AM 20, NPR News and the New York conversation. Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst. A bipartisan group of senators says they have reached a framework for a deal on infrastructure, but the plan is still needs party leadership approval. Republican Senator Susan Collins, who spoke spoke to reporters after a man 10 of us, uh, there is a tentative Agreement on a framework but obviously They're so long ways to go. The White House has questions still need to be addressed, including the details of the policy. One issue is how to pay for the rail, bridges and roads plan..

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