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Name is Janaki Method. I'm a producer for all things considered. And this election season I worked on a series about Gen Z voters And there was this moment that Stayed with me when we were talking with 22 year old James Butler. He's an activist, a youtuber and a model. He's also queer and black and talked about how coming up in the foster care system. Eroded his belief in the political system to why do you want to still bow down to a constitution that was been written hundreds of years ago? We're not in hundreds of years ago, when that was right and women, Children and black people were property. Why do we still look at that as our like model When I look back at our work this year? I think this moment comes to mind because it felt so emblematic of 2020. Of the racial justice movement and of what we heard in our reporting from a lot of young people this year that they have had enough. My name is Vincent, aka Vino, and I'm a producer at all things considered. This year I worked on a story that commemorated the life of a shaman Wouldn't who was a drag queen and performance artist from New York City? He died from covert 19 and I heard from several of his friends who were also candid about their relationship with him and their love for him. Just made me desperately miss also that feeling of going out and dancing with some of your closest friends. This is Frankie Sharp, a DJ in New York, reminiscing about the first time he met Nash on the Psalm was one of the first people I met in New York. Actually, he plucked me up from some weird dive bar after seeing me DJ and said Honey, let's get you out of this jump. Come with me. Mr Mom had me DJ and producer weekly party at a different dump The world famous cock, which at the time he was running, it was filthy CD and at times even downright disgusting. It was my favorite place on the planet. Name.

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