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Well i took i took five h t p on and tyrosine so like raised my dopamine serotonin that's the like brain science explanation of how i got out i i now feel through like doing acupuncture a little bit and then there's this woman who does rakia who's like feels like an ancient shaman like as does like all kinds of crazy healing is like this this came out because it is read this came up because it's ready to come out so that's like spiritual side of it that even i am like as she's talking i'm like there's a part of my brain that's like i don't think it's a simple i just needed to raise my serotonin dopamine but they're kind of like your wasco thing where i was like what's the harm in leaving this i wanna get better so like all just go just buy into it and and she she did like one thing that really helped me just like dealing with like trust like her whole thing is like overwriting the the like lower frequency things that you're feeling like fear whatever with with trust and whatever so she like did this whole ceremony with me with trust and that kind that really helped me get almost there but then i was still like i don't feel connected to people in the same way that i do usually i don't see synchronicity i don't feel like i'm in like the flow or part of something bigger than myself i just feel like i'm alone and and just yesterday so is able to function and stuff but the opposite thing i've always felt alone and been quite content in that space them i go no connect.

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