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Now on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you podcast. Hey this is Anne and Samantha and welcome to stuff on never told you production of Iheartradio for today's classic. We are talking about them. That's come up a lot in the news lately and a couple of our recent podcast and that is Phyllis Schlafly schlafly. Somebody always struggle pronunciation of her name right. I feel like every time we talk about her. We do you think. I don't think those women he does how yes. Yeah I think her name is sir. No offense to any schlafly is out there. That are not like her but yeah because of the movement and continued debate around the equal rights amendments. She has been coming up a lot and in this month of International Women's Day or National Women's month thought that it was appropriate to bring her back in this very appropriately titled Episode Christening Carolina did pass host the ghost of Phyllis Schlafly. Because it feels like we're still dealing right. Her work is still haunting us. It very much is so yes I loved it. I loved it. Yeah please enjoy learn in this in this classic episode. Welcome to stuff. Mom Never told you from house. Works DOT COM Hello and welcome to the PODCAST. I'm Kristen and I'm caroline and today we are talking about Phyllis Schlafly. This episode has been a long time coming but ever since she died on September fifth twenty. Sixteen we'VE BEEN TALKING AMONGST OURSELVES CAROLINA. I about how we should do episode on Phyllis. We've heard from a number of listeners asking whether we're going to deal with. Phyllis schlafly episode. And how could we not? How could we not especially? After my twitter. Response to her passing Brought men out of the woodwork. To tell me that I was a monster. So what did you tweet? I tweeted as India Gif whereas Diaa was just going by and That was it and conservative. Gentlemen did not appreciate that and called me fat feminist Monster Ono. They called you fat. Isn't that the worst thing? A woman can be called totally. Did you even survive it? I don't know I don't know eating even more. Feminism EATING EATING. All the feminists yeah. Well it's also apropos. Talk about Schlafly. Because in a lot of ways she paved the way for Donald Trump being the republican nominee for president this year and I would argue that her star was definitely rising at the same time that the Republican Party was veering more toward the Reagan affiliation. You know Aligning with the religious right Then It previously had been. Yeah I mean that's how she made her name was definitely by essentially ushering helping usher. What was this fringe right? Wing Group of Republicans. Sort of like we think of the tea party today in to the mainstream because for a long time they were just sort of off in the corner and not really taken all that seriously but then as will talk about more. Phyllis schlafly showed America that these right wing conservatives could win in the polls but I don't WanNa get too ahead of ourselves. Let's talk a little bit more about who this woman is. Because for I I feel like you either absolutely know who she is. Because she's the arch nemesis of second wave. Feminism or. You probably never heard of her. So let's give a quick primer of who the Schlafly who's Schlafly lady is. Who's this dame? Well I mean you're right. She's absolutely considered one of the most polarizing figures in American public political life. And she's basically I don't know what would you. She's an author. She's a politician to a degree And she is best known for her war against the equal rights amendment in the Nineteen Seventies. Yeah I mean she's a grassroots conservative political organizer who is now considered an icon among ultra right-wing Republicans Donald Trump included and. We read her obituary in both the New York Times. Obviously more liberal some might call it the lame stream media if they're schlafly fans and then we read her in the National Review which is ultra conservative of course and the New York Times described her as quote a self-described housewife who displayed a moral ferocity reminiscent of the axe wielding prohibitionist. Carrie nation says he's a tough cookie. Real stuff cookie And then the national review described her meanwhile as one of the original Happy Warriors Funny Gracious and Grittier. Than One might expect. And it's astonishing to trace back our political climate today and everything that we are now witnessing in terms of Donald Trump's supporters and the types of white dudes who came after you on twitter for instance and trace at all way back to this woman in the Mid West who in a lot of ways started out almost like Hillary Clinton. She was from a relatively like working class background. Although Hillary Clinton came from a slightly wealthier middle class family but schlafly you know it was scrappy and she was and she was ambitious and then any similarity she might have to. Hillary Clinton just ends right there. Well yeah and I mean. They both initially supported. Barry Goldwater to ultra before before a hills went the other direction. But yeah and I mean you can look at the the fact that Nowadays Catholics and Evangelical Christians worked together when they are on the right You can trace that back to Phyllis Schlafly as well. She was Catholic. devoutly Catholic. But through. And we'll get to this more in a second. But like through all of her grassroots efforts she brought more women of different faiths and different denominations into the political fold to try to combat this sort of what she viewed as liberalisation the downfall of American society and in a lot of ways. She is a difficult woman. She summarize because she's kind of a basket of contradictions because she is this very ambitious self sufficient woman and a lot of ways who said that from the get go and she was growing up. She knew that she would need to take care of herself. And in her political career she was extremely Visible she wrote twenty books. I mean the woman never stopped and yet publicly. She always said that she was a housewife. I and politics was just a hobby because she has six children home and her husband. Fred Schlafly is king essentially and she does whatever he allows her to do even though like in the same breath. You'll also say you know but I can do whatever I want And she relished starting this organization called stop. Era which was intended to stop the equal rights amendment. Well Yeah and stop was actually an acronym for stop taking our privileges. Which is what I learned about that. Acronym was also my brain exploded a little bit about just how. How blatant the intention is right. There of privileges stop taking our privileges. Because I mean Phyllis Schlafly we'd be like yeah I mean I love. White privilege is terrific. Yeah I When I was researching her life and activism and politics my brain just kept collapsing on itself because to me as a liberal feminist and one who cares about having equal rights for people of all backgrounds. None of it made sense. Because I'm like why would you want to stop the era a when? Oh wait no but you only one the privileges for you and yours. Well okay so I was. I take back what I say that she would. She would be all about her white privilege because what Phyllis Schlafly did and Donald Trump does. She deny that privilege even exist. Oh well sure in the same way that she denies that denied that sexism even exists. Well privilege in the way that we talk about it now and on our podcast but I mean she actively talked about the privileges afforded to women right in the sense of chivalry almost right yes so her latest book a conservative case for trump came out just after her death and she describes in it trump as a quote old fashioned man grounded in his two great priorities hard work and family and a man who in other respects has led a remarkably clean life. Okay so I mean this is. This is the the viewpoint that we're dealing with. This is the kind of it. Choose your own reality that Phyllis Schlafly was able to mold into a startlingly powerful career for herself and it makes sense that right before her death. At Ninety two years old she came out stumping for trump. Because she was all about populism. She was all about demagoguery and she was all about. You know galvanizing this hyper conservative. Evangelical religious right that has similarly flocked to trump well and Regardless of weather you as the politician she was stumping for were hyper Republican or whatever. She just hated the establishment right. That's like some of the same rhetoric you hear a lot right now. And and she saw trump as an answer to those establishment politics and she was really. She harped for decades on kingmakers. The idea of like a secret group of rich liberal elite kingmakers who sat around a pointing politicians around the world. Yeah I mean 'cause that right. There is a core tenet of populism where their belief is that almost conspiratorially that it's just a group of powerful people who are making all the decisions so power to the people let's overthrow them and she told Breitbart in January of this year twenty sixteen that quote trump is the only hope to defeat the kingmakers because everybody else will fall in line so I mean she really believed in this kingmaker business to her death and I mean that's that's all also something to keep in mind as we talk about Phyllis Schlafly and something that was impressed upon me reading about her time. Line is how she has not changed in her political viewpoints. At all. She's still tells the same anecdotes that she did. You know in the sixties. So how did Phyllis happen? well let's give a little bit of biographical background real quick. She was born in August. Nineteen twenty four as Phyllis McAlpine Stewart in Saint Louis I did have a moment of concern because a lot of people are from Saint Louis and I did wonder like Oh. She came up in St Louis around the same time as my grandmother wonder if they were friends. She was the oldest of two daughters to odeal dodge. Who was her mother? And John Bruce Stewart. And what's really interesting is that I mean by all accounts. Her mother was also a very hard worker. She worked outside the home. She was a teacher with two college degrees. And that's not too shabby at all for a woman who was born at the end of the nineteenth century. Her mother not phyllis right I mean and odeal ended up being the breadwinner because her dad John Bruce Stewart was a westinghouse machinist and an industrial equipment salesman and after he lost his job in the Great Depression. Odeal had to become the breadwinner and she hustled. She was a department store saleswoman. She was an elementary school teacher. And a librarian at Saint Louis Art Museum and in her spare time how she had spare time. I'm not sure. She wrote a book on the history of Saint. Louis Yeah so like the constantly. Busy Work Work Work Ethic. Phyllis schlafly could absolutely be seen in her mother as well but and also her politics though. Come Straight from her dad. Her Dad was seventeen years older than odeal. Which is going to be a similar age gap that will see and Phyllis schlafly his own marriage and her. Dad was a staunch Republican. Who even though? They fell in such hard times during the Great Depression he hated FDR and hated the new deal and wanted nothing to do with that and so from a very young age. Phyllis was groomed to be a very conservative Republican. Yeah and I think that there's also the emotional aspect of yes. She had a really smart really hardworking really busy mother but she also grew up in addition to hearing her father. Rail against the new deal heard her mother being filled with regret at having to work those jobs..

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