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Think ask what i wanna do not knowing one thing when i was getting into so the real tests was up after the first and listeners the first were years in the navia said i'm steve and i stayed for thirty four years how many teams and did you command teams as a massive chief i was on many many teams release you'll soon seal team six all in virginia beach virginia hungary are headquarters or virginia beach worn out of california and that's where he's i been my whole career he regrets nunno ivory shed krisha abyan here thank you thank you get suited up to slam thank you sir three another start to the swam rick is there of their swimmers now opens swimming competition here behind me and that they have the new hampshire police bagpipe by members the back pipe pipers here performing later on today there's madison rising debt the band will be playing and will wa will also be ken corona is also a master chief and he's here and it has get the me era your brother right what i want an amazing guy yeah he's fantastic reagan i have been we were station together silk the seal team's and known rick for over 25 years so these fantastic guy misses we're happy viewers as a is this i know this is work for you here today but i i see some smiles on the seal team faces they don't get to do this this much of the public do they know that's right actually the quite professional in the guys try to stay out of the limelight the the they they they they rather not be in it for a lot of reasons but they're happy to do it and they're happy to come out support us at the seal museum for what we're trying to do we talked about the trading house arrest but house and that's our focus today really raising money for that respite house and keeping that go on for the guys that are out in the out there and they come back when we connect with their families and the goal says well the families that have lost guys come and stay there as well well if you want to help and you can't make it up here to newfound lake a navy seal museum dot org that's where a master chief ken carell ana as one of the directors also swim with a mission dot com swim with mission dot com.

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