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Democratic presidential nominee, the Democratic Conventions. Roll call, which usually takes place in a packed arena. So I'm virtually by video this year for the 50 state. 25 was for our next president. Joe Batton, New Mexico Go on, you know monkey market in, but where is proud to cast its 32 votes for our favorite son? At our next president corresponded Bernie Medic was in Milwaukee for the vote count nomination process at this year's Democratic National Convention was like no other. Some delegates from some states spoke live to America to cast ballots for Senator Bernie Sanders and the former vice president. But most delegates may have pre recorded remarks in them. They made appeals to Americans to pray for state suffering from natural disasters and covert 19. Get out of the vision. Joe Biden has for leadership and many cast ballots for Mr Biden's closest rival, Senator Sanders. People were seeing applauding by Zoom before Mr Biden. Thank the delegations for his nomination Live from Wilmington, Delaware. Bennett in Milwaukee, in remarks at the rally new mirrors On a Tuesday, president Trump talked about the importance of this election. The Biden plan would unleash a flood of illegal immigration. Like the world has never seen its crazy. Biden's plan is the most radical, extreme reckless, dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put forward by a major party candidate. It must be defeated and it will be defeated on November 3rd. The president will join Republicans of next week's GOP National Convention. City Commissioner Scott Franklin scored an upset victory Tuesday over representative Ross Meadow in the Republican primary for Florida's 15th district. Franklin, a Navy veteran, 1 51% of the vote. Resident trumpet outs Tuesday that he's issuing a posthumous presidential pardon for Susan B. Anthony, the leader of the women's suffrage movement. He was found guilty of voting illegally as a woman in the 18 72 presidential election. For these stories of townhall dot com. Ah, better tomorrow starts.

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