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Joining me now first class Father Dr Reardon First Fatherhood Thank you Alec happened. Would it be here all right. Let's start right here. How many kids do you have? And how old are they have four and thirty three. Let's see three thirty twenty eight and twenty five three girls and the twenty eight year old boy and well ladies and men. Now I guess they're they're all grown and out driving in the world so yeah very cool exact opposite of you there. I have Four myself and I have three boys and then we got the girl on the end. So Oh you got to finish. Then that was it. I mean We didn't get around four. We'd have five by now but we We put a stop to it there. Oh Gotcha gotcha graduate PODCAST. A couple of them here Just thought he'd saw Dana White Out in Vegas I. I was just out there for a medical conference. Get Him to fight so that was kind of fun. Yeah very cool after Dana invited me to come need them at. UFC she and Madison Square Garden. You have forty four so we had a chance to hang out with them. There is really great guy. Great Father I play a guy all the way around. Yeah Yeah What type of what type of sports activities for the kids into growing up well with my oldest was into was into cross country and my My my son was into kind of everything but more more into guitar and that sort of thing and My youngest was a swimmer. Wimmer and My second one oldest plays off all together which you know that's great. That's more fun for the parents. I think it is for kids but We'll get this little bit of that. Thing is though they're all really super good students. So they're self motivated but you know they. They actually worked very hard in school and they've done they've done quite well because of it and I'm very lucky to have self-motivated heads the other. Maybe don't have the same self-motivation automation and I know. They struggle with trying to get their kids studying that sort of thing but mine all just sort of did on their own and like my oldest daughter actually insists. That's it she she. We were moving to England and she found She found a boarding school herself. She wanted to go to boarding school so anyway they're all. It's pretty well traveled and and They're all educated and out on their own and thankfully daddy got raised. When you know they get a lot of schools Yeah good stuff if you could please just take a minute here to hit my listeners with a little bit about your background what you do well my the main deal now. I've been an entrepreneur for twenty years. I worked at a cancer research lab for fourteen years. I saw some opportunities there that of some treatment auctions that I wanted to watch some of the some of the property the some of the intellectual property that we had had done that created out of our research work there and so I started my own my own business twenty years ago and self therapy I do drink self service coach therapy to cancer vaccine and Then from out of that we have some series of patents on on isolation and growing SIM cells because because that was kind of the starting material and so because of that I got into stem cell world. And I think that's where I spend most of my time is in Panama. Anima we have We've we've been Panama now for thirteen years. We have a we have a fifteen thousand foot manufacturing Laboratory there. We have a an eight thousand square foot medical. We see about two hundred to two hundred fifty patients every month from pretty much all over the world but you know price seventy percent from the the. US and Canada and the restroom elsewhere. We see a lot of athletes We've done a recent years we we finished the clinical trial Using these umbilical cord. They're called themselves but really not thinkable cells and the the nomenclature is changing. I don't want to confuse as the audience but for lack of a better term. We'll just call them. Ms's and these cells we get them from live healthy bursts from from consenting. Mothers tested They're they're heavily tested and screened and we multiply them in the laboratory and then they're frozen down for us and so we just finished a clinical the trial and autism and that was published in May last year Prior to that we finished a clinical trial on multiple sclerosis us and that was published. Maybe eighteen months ago We currently we have a trial in rheumatoid arthritis that we're doing So that's that's that that's most of my time I have. I have four companies. But they're all kind of similar in the regenerative medicine space so we have a company in the US signature biologics where we manufacturer factor after birth products for doctors to use Mostly surgeons and wound care that sort of thing so I'm pretty much a one hundred percent and regenerative medicine for the last at least thirteen years or so so it's incredible what you do and thank God we have someone like you. That's involved in this and you know one of the things Doctor about parents are F at some point leading up to the delivery of their child if they want to store the the core blood or the umbilical cord tissue. That's that stuff can get pretty expensive. How important is that? What's the difference between the two well Alex And on the cord blood. That's those those. The cord blood contains the themselves for example. If you you're part of a bone marrow transplant right if somebody has cancer and they walking doses of chemotherapy and radiation. You can salvage the bone marrow because when you're giving those big doses of things to kill the cancer you kill the bone marrow. Oh stem cells as well. So those are the cells that make all your blood components and if you don't replace those with a matched You know with the match either bone marrow or order the blood from a biblical cord. which has those cells in it? Then you'll die from the treatment so That the I think the odds of using using math in a lifetime or something around between one and two thousand and one in ten million So it it economically. You know if if there's no economic if it's not an economic hardship then it seems like a reasonable thing to do. If if it's if it's the difference between making your house payment or not I wouldn't I wouldn't do that for sure Then the for the the tissue issue it's the tissue contains the cells that I worked with the MS's and I think they are going to be a lot of clinical applications coming coming up and again if it's not an economic hardship I would I would do that For sure as store the tissue I mean I wish I had my to be honest with you I wish I had mine Biblical gorge issue to make as many cells as I want you know for the rest of my life So and you know I'm in. I'm in a position to do that. Because Corona Laboratory and then the company I have companies in Panama where. It's legal to do that and I think only things are going to open up here. I don't to be honest with you. I can't predict the future. How long that's going to take? I think we'll probably get an first. Mse Cell Therapy approved here. Maybe in three to five years but it'll be limited so that's a long answer. The short answer is if it's not if it's not economically too onerous for you to do it then it's an insurance policy and there may be some great stuff that you can do with yourself and your kids heels later down the road. Yeah very well said and let me bring this back at you. About how old were you Neil when you became a father and how to becoming a dad kind of change your perspective on life. Oh Oh boy well I think it was twenty seven And it's pretty much changed everything you know you. Just I don't think anybody can prepare for uh-huh or are you can tell you all you want but until your actual father is the change that happens is something you can't predict It's certainly truly changed all of my Focus on my from you know for myself and my wife to to you know there's little one that's GonNa take care of and So it didn't change change everything and then have changed everything. Another state everything I can. I can tell you all you know. All four of them are they're they're they're all super smart and super like self motivated but also super different. They're all very very different from each other and That's been fun and challenging to you know just just to watch them grow and then you know. It's so exciting exciting to see them. They have their careers. And they're they're they're doing that. You know I think as a parent you know if if they if they're able to go off and do their own thing And the you know a good member society you've done a good job and so I'm pretty happy with how this all turned out and And they never go away. I you know I mean they're gonNA kill her forever for for younger parents out there you know. I don't know my my father. I think that generation nation was sort of more. You know pretty hands off I don't recall ever asking me my father for anything. After the age of seventeen I graduated my school and I paid for my own college. Did you know I worked my way through school and all that night But my but you know I kinda I kinda overcompensated for my kids. And I was willing to pay for their pay for their their educations but only to a point you know And and anyway there's still the you know I'm happy. I'm happy that we lived in several different places because they I think you learn so much watch and and you can be your. The Flexibility of your brain improves dramatically. If you visit different countries and for example I my youngest daughter we lived. She lived in five different countries before high school. So a lot of exposure and she's she's probably the biggest traveler is he went to school and Saint Andrews so she was over in in Europe and says they will travel a lot and then she finished up in London but So I think you know I just I love hanging out with them and And and seeing how they grow and how they think and Anyway that thing that I've never done I think is is having kids so and and hopefully raise them in a way that they're there continue to be productive and wonderful people. Yeah well said Dhaka A and you know one of the things that I talked about when I know. You're an entrepreneur yourself. I'M GONNA have a lot of these high fine entrepreneurs on the show here. I mean my oldest is only thirteen. So he'll be hitting high school next year and that we start early conversations about college and from what I'm seeing right now Ah The way the kids are getting buried in the college debt. And they're they're majoring in minor things seemingly seemingly How do you feel about the whole college? I mean obviously if you're going to be something doctor or one of the stem You know focuses. It seems seems like it's necessary but College necessary in your opinion for children are kids to succeed in..

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