Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News to Join The View


Way you think Abby Hudson is leaving Fox, News for the view Huntsman currently co host FOX and. Friends weekend is set to, replace Sarah Hanes Sarah I felt the same way everyone talks about her like she's this huge star, who and I had to Google. Her I. Don't she was apparently she used to do dispatches for like the today show or on the. Weekends she was there features. Reporter I never heard of. Her never seen her on TV. Ever I don't even know if she this sort of Oculus. Blonde, yeah I. Okay I've. Seen, oh. Yeah so then she shows up on the view and I didn't know who the hell she was, there and now she's leaving because she's going to co host GMA with Michael Strahan in that last, hour Oh that's weird okay So now the new lineup on the view is, going to, be, Whoopi, Goldberg, joy Behar sunny halston never heard of her is, any host and host and she, really good, looking woman Megan McCain. And then

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